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Nissa Dann on Catching The Moment

By Echocanyon @echo_canyon

Nissa Dann on Catching The Moment

Whilst studying at university, Rochester photographer Nissa Dann reignited an infatuation she had previously found in childhood which has liberated a creative process she is now using to expose her own unique view on the world around us.

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What inspires you to photograph the places and people you capture?

It's a mixture really. Inspiration comes from anywhere for me, people, emotions - it's normally candid but for the planned shoots it tends to stem from observing people, the lighting around a building or occasionally you just get the right vibe with a group or event which can inspire you to create a series of photographs.

When did you first start photography and what encouraged you to pick up the camera?

I've always loved photography - I received my first camera age 10 and was forever snapping away, it was fun! There was something about "catching" a moment before it was gone. I was experimenting with developing my photographs from film/ pinhole at school and it's something I continued through university. At university or moved from a "just for fun" to more serious attitude. There my photographs had a purpose and I had to be ruthless in the editing and in deciding what I wanted the photograph to say.

Do you use film or digital cameras in your work?

I primarily use digital since leaving university, mainly down to the fact you can take a lot more shots before having to swap over film and running the risk of damaging the film. Additionally  you have the option of plugging straight into the Mac for editing. After doing a shoot I am always eager to see immediate results and get creative with the editing so this is the best option for me. I do however occasionally experiment with pinhole cameras, it takes me back to my childhood and is a great way to explore an area in a way you wouldn't normally see.

Did you attend a course in order to learn how to create your images?

I studied Architecture and one of the first things you have to learn is how to photograph everything and anything in a mixture of lights and conditions to record thoughts, evidence and inspiration as you go. As we tend to printout large scale a good camera is needed, this is when I first picked up a DSLR and fell in love. I mainly self taught through books from the uni's library and pestering people whose photographs inspired me. Photoshop was the next big tool in creating my images, I couldn't live without this...most of the tools I had used in creating visuals for my buildings so I was familiar with how to use it before really getting into photography. There are groups that also meet monthly/ weekly that share an interest in photography across the UK, I used to visit some of these as well to discuss ideas and technique.

Do you have any upcoming exhibitions?

I haven't got a an exhibition in the calendar but am working on a new series of photographs with a great model looking at the correlation of human form and movement to that of machinery! I'll keep you posted when it's done!

For more information please contact Nissa Dann her via email: [email protected]

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