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The Most BEAUTIFUL Day of the Year.

By Jenrene
The Most BEAUTIFUL Day of the Year.

The most beautiful day of the year happened a few weeks ago. Not to say it won't happen again, because I've had some beautiful days. I love to awaken early and capture how God speaks through the clouds.

And this particular morning, God just knocked my socks off with this sight, but also the revelation that came with it. I believe it came to me as wisdom about what to release and let go of. I had been holding onto a simple and yet very realistic thought for so long it prevented miracles from occurring.

I still believe in miracles. And I was hoping for a pretty big one.

The older I become, there's something so beautiful I find in the God in me. I find myself in moments like these...those moments when I breathe in deeply, and recognize my worth.

Where significance matters deeply. and choice becomes primary. He packages and presents to me, my destiny.

It's here, where God speaks through nature. And expresses that He has plans for me. Great plans. And He just encourages me to "Press on, Daughter..." This place where I feel guided by my Father.

But I only find him in serene moments like this... Where He is....

This Moment was beautiful yes, for the sight...

But also the Insight.

The value. The exchange. The love. The rest.

The Trust.

My recent exchange with Him has been rather, holy. He continues to show me how important I really am. And I am grateful.

I mean, I love the thought of being so close to God I feel as if I know my peace and I can fully live in it. And my hope and my trust shifts to an entirely different level.

The most beautiful day of the year... happened here..

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