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The Miami Heat Cry Babys

By Mixtapekid45

I am not taking any sides hear but, can someone please explain to me how after losing a fourth game in a row Coach Eric Spoelstra told reporters that some of the players were so devastated by the lose to the bulls that they were actually crying. Please explain this to me the Cleveland Cavilers recently just snapped a NBA record 27 loses.
Yes they are not that great a team after their Anchor Lebron James left but, still during the losing streak not once did we hear about any Cleveland Cavilers players crying! In reality with these loses it is revealing what truly are Miami weak points in their superstar woven team. 
They put up some interesting stats, in games decided by 5 points are less they are 5-13 which will not help you get the job done in those tight playoff games against the elite teams in the east like the Celtics and Bulls. 
Its not like their not competing in these games in 4 out of the 5 loses they have had double digit leads. Which shows of they have been losing focus and not being able to close out games. We will See if Miami Can rebound against the Sacramento Kings Tuesday night.
*** Photo credit to AudioAdam  

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