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The Message of Vladimir Putin

Posted on the 31 May 2016 by Calvinthedog

One man is fighting back.

I have been thinking about Putin a long time, and and this simple sentence is the best way that I can sum up what this man is all about. Of course, Americans, and all of the rest of Western fools, will scoff at my statement, but that’s because they’ve all been drinking the Anti-Putin (TM) Koolaid.

Isn’t it amazing that in the land of the free, the West, the Free World, where we have freedom of press (TM) and freedom of speech (TM), that every single time the Western states and media go on a foreign policy propaganda campaign against the Designated Enemy du Jour, that the overwhelming majority of Westerners in every single Western country fall right in line, the party line, like good Germans, with the state-media propaganda?

What’s so free about these people? What’s so free about their speech? What’s so free about their press? What’s so Free about their Joke Free World?


Nothing is free about it. Look around you. Every single time the West goes on a foreign policy propaganda campaign against one its made-up fake joke enemies, look what happens:

The vast majority of the people fall in line. I think 80% of Americans support the propaganda crap about Russia and Venezuela. Canadians are slightly more intelligent, but not much. Only 73% of Canadians support the propaganda campaign against Russia. I want you to show me one other Western country where the people have stood up and given the finger to the propaganda campaign. One. I want you to show me one. Just one.

100% of the media falls in line. Show me one MSM outlet anywhere in the West that has gone against any major Western foreign policy campaign in recent years. One!

100% of the politicians fall in line. This is true. The number of major US politicians who ever goes against any Western foreign policy campaign is usually zero. I think we have one single Representative complaining about Syria. One! Out of 435, we have one.

And this is the truly amazing thing about Donald Trump. Trump is not only the only serious Presidential candidate, but he is the only serious politician at all, in recent memory who has actually stood up and given the finger to US propaganda foreign policy campaigns. Now I do not like Mr. Trump at all. But in this sense, his moment is a watershed moment, the first crack to appear in the bipartisan foreign policy consensus repaired after it broke in Vietnam.

Forget Bernie Sanders. Sanders is great on domestic policy, but on foreign policy he is a joke. He goes along with 100% of the US foreign policy propaganda campaign. Show me one way he’s different. One! In other words, Sanders is a typical American politician.

So the West is a place where when the Deep States of the West go on a propaganda campaign, 100% of the media, nearly 100% of the politicians, and 75-80% of the suckers, I mean people, fall right in line.

What makes you think you are free? What makes you think you have free speech? What makes you think you have a free press?

Really, looking at the way Western politicians, media and populations fall in line and obey whatever the foreign policy propaganda campaign of the day says, I would say that Westerners are about as brainwashed as North Koreans. Because Western politicians, media and even people react about the same way that North Korean politicians, media and people do to government propaganda campaigns.

The West is so pitiful. You fools think you’re free, but you’re as brainwashed as a North Korean! You’re pitiful! You’re a joke! You’re a laughingstock!

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