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The Low Down on My Mykos 3 Day Juice Cleanse

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

3 day cold pressed juice cleanse

Okay, soooo as you may have noticed throughout the past couple days- I’ve been cleansing. I am now done, and ready to share how it went down, day by day. Bear with me.

My body was in much need of a reboot (a little too many brews lately), and with summer just around the corner, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. I’ve cleansed in the past, but never like this. I didn’t know what to expect at first, and was of course a little frightened as it’s been a while since my last cleanse. Yet now that it has come to an end, I am already anticipating the next time I do it.

It’s a super easy and basic cleanse. Six of their cold pressed juices a day, tea if needed, and lots of water. If you’re absolutely starving and think you’re going to pass the eff out, you are allowed to have a plain salad with green veggies and some lemon juice OR a handful of almonds. Just don’t have an almond/green OD or you may never eat those foods again.

My body is thanking me over and over again with clearer thoughts, glowing skin, ridiculous amounts of energy, and I even dropped a few LB’s (just a nice little added bonus).


Day No. One:

+ Started off the day with 16 ounces of water and a half lemon squeezed. This is meant to kick your digestive system into gear and get your body ready to absorb all the nutrients you will soon be guzzling. It also helps to flush the kidney, liver, and the lymphatic system. Which is all good things.

+ An hour after you drink your morning water, it’s time for juice. Spaced out in 2 hour intervals (in correct order) I had these Mykos Juices: green juice, spiced lemonade, alive tea, spiced lemonade round two, green juice round two, and the pink cooler for a lovely little nightcap.

+ The juices all tasted yummy, even the green ones which are sweetened with green apples. I especially loved the added cayenne kick in the spiced lemonade as well as the pretty fruit floating around in the pink cooler.

+ As far as how I felt, at first I was hungry, but the hunger quickly faded after my second juice. Around juice 3 I started to get a headache, but upon talking to the owner of Mykos, that’s just a normal sign that the toxins are beginning to exit your body. Towards by 4th and 5th juice, I began bouncing off the walls with energy. Even my roommate said “this juice cleanse is making you fun!”. Haha… once I chugged my last drink of the day I started to mellow out and slept like a baby.


Day No. 2

+ So basically this cleanse started off the same way. Chug some water with fresh squeezed lemons, not the artificial shit. Read about why this is important in day ones summary. I also had acupuncture (<— guiltiest pleasure) right after my water + lemon combo, which only helped the toxins leave my bod faster. Plus, it helped me get my zen on.

+ Next step, juice time. Today I had (in order) green juice sweetened with apples, spiced lemonade, freshest almond milk ever, alive tea, another bottle of green juice yet with no apples, and the pink cooler.

+ I had two new juices today, almond milk & the second green juice. The almond milk is my new fave as it was the most filling and tasted like heaven. The green juice was NOT sweetened with apples, so I was a little scared, but after first sip I was fine and dandy chugging the whole thing.

+ How I felt today was wayyyy diff from yesterday. I had no headache, which was great, but I was way hungrier. I took the advice of the owner of Mykos, and she said have some almonds or just wait it out till the next juice. The hunger passed rather quickly. The bouts of hunger did come up a few times in the day, but again I just waited it out and had a handful of almonds. Like day one, the energy I had was insane, except this time around my roomie wasn’t so stoked on me as I kept bugging her while she was trying to pack for Coachella. Sorry Tor!!

+ Best part of all? The feeling of accomplishment when I successfully completed day two.


Day No. 3

+ I AM DONE!!! Woooohooo. Today was my last day, and by far the easiest. The only time I thought of eating was when I was bored (such a reflex), not hungry. All I miss about food right now is just the taste & eating solids. I think that this experience will really make me appreciate yummy food a lot more.

+ Same as day 1 & 2, I started off with my lemon water. Throughout the day I had a just green juice, spiced lemonade, alive tea, another spiced lemonade, another just green juice, and my fruit infused water/tea.

+ The only difference with this one was that there were two JUST green juices, which means there was no green apple to sweeten it up. Again, you’d think they were scary considering it’s just veggies, but it’s actually just as delish as the one with apples. Plus, they were super filling.

+ So yeah, today was smooooth sailing and I am so so so happy and proud of myself! I feel great, my thoughts are all super clear, and my skin has cleared up. I am sure you guys really want to know about the weight loss aspect of it. Yes, I did lose weight… almost 7 lbs. CRAY!!

+ Now, for a few words of advice. If you get hungry, you can have a snack of raw veggies or almonds, but I suggest trying to wait it out till your next drink. I am not saying torture yourself, but just give it a try. It WILL pass, promise. When you complete the cleanse, be sure to eat raw and clean for 1-2 days. If you run and stuff yourself with a celebratory big mac, not only should you just throw the past three days away, but you will most likely not feel so hot. Your stomach has shrunk, and you don’t want to overdo it too quick.

+ Take this opportunity to start fresh. You JUST got rid of a ton of toxins, so your system is clean. Do your best to change your diet so you can keep it that way.

ONE MORE THING, if you are interested in trying out this cleanse, contact me and I’ll get you a stellar deal on this 3 day-er.


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