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The Looting of Russia

Posted on the 18 April 2015 by Calvinthedog

The recently assassinated Russian opposition politician Nemtsov’s political party was disliked by probably 95% of Russians. The last time he ran for President, he got a whopping 1% of the vote. Nemtsov represented the Western/Jewish/Russian Mafia looting of the country under the radical free market politics of Boris Yeltsin when a group of carpetbaggers consisting of the West along with cosmopolitan representatives of International Judaism stripped the country bare until there was virtually nothing left to steal. The West stole a lot of the Russian assets, so it is not all down to a bunch of Jews looting the place, however it should be noted that the brain trust behind the looting program was a US Jewish economist named Jeffrey Sachs.

But International Zionism was also a very important group of looters. They used Russian Jewish oligarchs inside Russia (who were helped by many Russian Gentile fellow travelers) to work with a group of rich and powerful Jews in Washington DC, New York, London and Tel Aviv. Some of the money stolen by the West also ended up in Munich. The looters were mostly bankers, oligarchs, billionaires and neoconservative politicians.

The Westerners were motivated purely by greed but also possibly by extreme Russia-hatred due to 70 years of Russian-hating propaganda in the West.

The Jews were apparently motivated by revenge against Russian Gentiles as Russian Jews and Gentiles have been locked into a vicious circle feud for centuries. When Putin finally declared war on some of the Jewish oligarchs, they quickly moved millions of dollars of assets out of Russia right smack into the hands of cosmopolitan International Jew Lord Rothschild.

Jewish neoconservative sociopaths like Richard Perle then used their position in the US government to threaten Russia in a variety of ways, including war. The reason was because Richard Perle is a cosmopolitan International Jew and Putin was going after the assets of cosmopolitan International Jew Khodorovsky. So Perle tried to manipulate the US government into a war with Russia on behalf of the Jewish people.

Now you understand what people talk about when they raise the “canard” of Jewish dual loyalty.

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