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The Lipstick and Its Effect

By Cathyrin @CatherineBaleda
"If I walk outside without lipstick, I feel naked." (Sofia Vergara)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that 400 popular lipsticks contained trace amounts of the toxin. The worst offenders on the list were Maybelline’s Color Sensation in Pink Petal, which had 7.19 parts per million of lead, and L’Oreal Colour Riche in Volcanic, which had 7 parts per million. Several other brands, including Cover Girl and Nars had products hovering in the 4-to-5-parts-per-million range. 
The Lipstick and Its Effect
So what does exposure to lead means? states that exposure to lead can cause learning, language and behavioral problems in children and has been linked to lower IQ; exposure in pregnant women can interfere with development of the fetus.
According from Forbes: "To put the latest lipstick lead levels in context, the EPA’s maximum allowable lead level in drinking water is 15 parts per billion. The EPA’ goal for lead in drinking water is zero, which is what consumer advocates would like to see happen in consumer products as well. In the case of lead in lipsticks, the jump from a maximum of 3.06 ppm to 7.19 ppm is disconcerting; most consumers would prefer to see those numbers decreasing as opposed to more than doubling in three years."
Speaking of lipstick, there are thousands out there that are available in the market, and women are into it, that there are even variety of colors and even flavors that are available. Lipstick like make up can add appeal to every women. It enhances the beauty as well as can boost confidence to the one that wears it.
Here are the types of lipsticks that you can buy:
Lip Stains
The Lipstick and Its Effect
Lip stains can give pale lips a great wash of color without being too overly dramatic. It is a great product to use for people who want a more natural look. However, this can leave your lips a little dry.
Matte Lipstick
The Lipstick and Its Effect
Matte constitute materials that do not contain much moisturizer and oil so, it does not shine and gives the impression of a natural lip. It can make the lips look more sensuous and perfectly embedded in the skin of your lips. Lipstick that’s matte implies that the color is flat and never shiny. There’s no moisture put into matte lipstick, therefore if your lips are dry, flaky or too thin, then matte lipstick might not be flattering on you.
Lipstick Creme / Cream
The Lipstick and Its Effect
This type of lipstick contains more wax than other types of lipstick, lip protection from sun, air and dust, but just as matte, it causes your lips to dry. Because there is a wax content, lipstick creme gives a little impression that your lips are wet. Thus, if you do not really like the lips that glisten and prefer a natural look, you can choose this type of lipstick. Creme lipstick is also suitable for use by those who have thin lips.- the lips will appear perfectly full.
Moisturizing Lipstick
The Lipstick and Its Effect
This is one of the most popular kinds of lipsticks. They give you shine, hydration and great color pay off. However, some of these lipsticks have low staying power.
Lipstick Frost / Pearly
The Lipstick and Its Effect
Great to use at night. It has a glitter effect that makes your lips look shiny. Fitted to be wore in the middle of a party or just when hanging out with friends at night. Same with the other types of lipsticks that have been mentioned previously, lipstick frost can also cause dry lips.
Lip Gloss
The Lipstick and Its Effect
This is often worn with or without lipstick. Gloss is excellent on more dark skin color, but can make light skin color look great too. It adds plumpness and shine to the lips, therefore it is ideal for women with thin lips. Because it is rich with moisturizer, you can apply it with or without lipstick.  However, some formula can be a little sticky.

Long Lasting Lipstick
The Lipstick and Its Effect
Lengthy lasting lipstick could be great when used properly, otherwise it can look untidy particularly if it is a dark color one. On the other hand, this type of lipstick can also makes your lips dry. Thus, a moisturizer is needed to keep your lips from drying and cracking.
Lipstick is good and very appealing, however there are times that lipsticks and make up can deceive us. Take a look at this:
The Lipstick and Its Effect
There are also some trends on the web lately about Barbie and doll look alike. Of course, make up and lipsticks, if not the knife of the surgeon wearing scrubs uniforms and lab coats, can cause this change on a woman's face. Here are some of the  people with doll like features that I happened to stumble on Google:
The Lipstick and Its EffectValeria Lukyanova
The Lipstick and Its EffectDakota Rose
The Lipstick and Its EffectVenus Angelic
The Lipstick and Its EffectA Chinese Girl
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