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Grunge Style

By Cathyrin @CatherineBaleda
Are you familiar with the grunge style? Grunge style take as little effort as possible on appearance and people with this style only dress for comfort and affordability.  Grunge is also use to describe a fashion style, which consisted of torn and faded jeans, flannel shirts, and ratty t-shirts, as well as bands such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Alice in Chains. Here are some of the best examples of items with grunge taste:
Grunge StyleThis alien skull necklace will add an adorably edgy element to any outfit. Now, who wouldn't find a cute, alien skeleton interesting? This pendant necklace will complement your grunge and punk outfits, especially if you're wearing a simple top.
"BRUH" SIGN LANGUAGE T-SHIRTGrunge StyleLadies, if you've been looking for a unique punk inspired shirt, this "bruh" sign language design is exactly that. Handcrafted with a soft, yet durable polyester fabric; this women's tee features black printing that reads bruh, fuck, love, and you with their sign language counterparts.
Grunge StyleBlack fishnet stocking are a versatile must-have accessory! Why? Because they can help you achieve a wide array of fashionable looks. Wear them under your ripped jeans to give your grunge look an extra edge, or pair them with your shorts and a tee!
Grunge StyleOur 7 piece velvet choker set offers you a different color choker for everyday of the week. It's the perfect package, why buy one when you can have them all? In fact, we challenge you to find some amazing outfits to mix and match with them and we can't wait to see what you come up with.
Grunge StyleA practical choice, you can wear the earrings in two ways: you can choose to wear the small triangle as simple stud earrings, or you can add the big triangle at the back as an ear jacket.
PIZZA IS MY BAE FUNNY T-SHIRTGrunge StyleThis funny t-shirt is a testament that pizza is true love. Wear it proud, and tell the world how much you adore this comfort food. 
GRUNGE HOLLOW CIRCLE STUD EARRINGSGrunge StyleThese stud earrings are a versatile accessory that can practically go with any outfit. Available in three colors, there is a suitable choice for every personality. 
Pair this classic flannel shirt with a vintage tee, sexy shorts and rock star boots for an Instagram-worthy outfit! The versatile top can also be worn with jeans and sneaks for a laid-back, weekend outfit.

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