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The Left Won the Culture War

Posted on the 05 December 2013 by Calvinthedog

BAG writes:

Poor and working whites in the U.S. are in many ways the Dalits of this country. Economically fucked over by the right, and demonized and derided by the left.

On the one hand, I can understand why it’s hard to have sympathy for people who vote for a party intent on reducing them to poverty. Yet at the same time, as much as I despise Reagan, I can’t help but somewhat sympathize with these “Reagan Democrat” types.

When the left spits on their values and pushes ridiculous notions of “tolerance” on them, then I can understand why so many white people abandon the left.

I think Matt Forney (formerly Ferdinand Bardamu) once said something to the effect that, “if the left weren’t dominated by a bunch of identity politics fags, I’d be a raving socialist.”

I, and I suspect many other whites, can relate to such a sentiment.

Yes but how does voting Republican help to put your values in place? How does voting rightwing make it so no one pushes their tolerance on you? How does voting conservative stop the Identity Politics morons in any way, shape or form? What did voting for Reagan ever do for the millions of “values voters” tards who wasted their votes on him. Millions of tards marched off to the voting booth to vote for Reagan because “he believes in family values,” “he shares the same values as I do,” “he doesn’t like Blacks, Mexicans, faggots, or feminazis.”

These people say, “I am voting for Reagan to stop the Identity Politics lunatics.”

Can you please explain to me how Ronald Reagan, or any Republican, or any millions of Republicans, are going to do anything about stopping the fags, the lesbos, the heshes, the whatsits, the genderqueers, the fuck off cis scums, the longhairs, the hippies, the swingers, the bisexuals, the porno, the adult bookstores, the strip joints, the fornicators and adulterers? Sure, Reagan stuck it to the nigs and the spics, but he also stuck it to every White person making under $75,000/yr. There was a massive wealth transfer from those making under $75,000 to those making over $75,000. It was Reverse Robin Hood, steal from the poor and give to the rich.

How does voting Reagan, or voting for any conservative, roll back the Identity Politics/Cultural Marxist social issues Left? It doesn’t!

What are they going to do? Make Identity Politics illegal? Ban longhairs, tattoos, piercings, swinging, adult bookstores, strip joints, porn movies, swinging, sex outside of marriage? Are they going to put the fags back in jail and raid the fag bars again? Are they going to put the crime of sodomy back on the books?

We have been voting for rightwingers for over 30 years now, and the nation has moved further and further to the Right in an endless march. Even the Democrats are Republicans now.

But the Left won the Culture War. The Kulturkampf is over, and all you guys lost. Over those 30 years, the social issues Left made slow but steady gains the whole time. More people are having gay sex than ever. Tattoos and piercings are everywhere. Marijuana is for all intents and purposes illegal. Illegal drugs have proven absolutely impossible to get of and if anything, the problem is worse than it’s ever been. They were not able to shut down the adult bookstores, the porno theaters, the strip joints? Make the heshes and whatsits wear pink stars? Bring back witch trials? They couldn’t even ban pornography, though they tried.

The War on Drugs was a FAIL, and the War on Pot lost badly. Feminism continued to gain ground to the point where the feminists got just about all they wanted and then moved into extreme demands. Meanwhile, mainstream feminism became the de facto norm for American women. Clothing fashions are dirtier and ruder than they have ever been. Rock music has been getting more and more extreme, and now there are more extreme, depraved, sick and wrong bands than ever. In fact, there are endless genres of various types of depraved rock and roll bands to choose from.

People swing and screw around as much as they ever did. Gays have taken over whole city neighborhoods and Gay Pride Parades regularly draw 200,000 people. Gay people are more out than they have ever been, and people are more accepting of this stuff than ever. Racism has slowly diminished over this period, despite the Right endlessly stoking the fire with their racist dog whistles. Religion is as unpopular as it has ever been in the US, slowly losing ground over 30 years to where 15% of Americans now openly proclaim their atheism.

Long hair is so normal it is boring. People yawn when they see halter tops or miniskirts or plunging necklines. Dress codes have gotten sloppier and even corporations have casual Fridays. Society has not been so crass in a long time. People of both genders and all ages curse like sailors all the time. Shaking up is passe. Every other normal person you meet has been divorced, often more than once. Porno has gone so mainstream that it is actually changing the way people have sex, as new and more depraved sex acts are constantly added to the repertoire, egged on by pornographers pushing the envelope.

What are these idiots thinking? Republicans say, “Elect me, and we can go back and live in the 1950′s!” They’ve been saying that for 30 years now. Sodomy laws are not coming back. Segregation is not coming back. Interracial marriage bans are not coming back. The Right hasn’t even been able to roll back Roe V. Wade, and that’s been #1 on their list for 40 years now. Prayer’s never coming back to the schools. The shunning of the divorced, of bastards (offspring of the unmarried), of the unmarried, is not coming back.

The Republicans are caving on issue after issue. There is a lot of talk of them caving on amnesty and George Bush pushed an amnesty bill when he was in. And now there are whispers that they will cave on gay marriage too. One by one, the dominoes fall.

You vote Republican because you hate immigrants. 30 years of conservative politics have seen the highest levels of legal immigration and surely of illegal immigration, since the 1920′s. Both parties opened the floodgates and the Republicans sat back and watched the immigrant flood wash over the land. How does voting Republican help stop mass immigration and the resulting multiculturalism of America?

Diversity and PC is no longer cutting edge. Now it’s normal. Everyone pushes diversity, all levels of government and every corporation has a diversity plan already being implemented. PC has infected society to the extent that it’s frankly the norm, and even conservatives seem to practice it. PC is the societal normal for America.

The truth is that Culture War is over, and the Right lost. And the Republican politicians could never do anything about it anyway. No politicians could. The Culture Wars are waged in our families, in our friend networks, in the churches and schools, by our teachers, preachers, fathers and pals. It starts and ends on the street. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones have changed culture more than all the politicians in the country put together for the last 40 years.

The Left won the Culture War. Not only that, but it’s still going on, and the Left is going to keep on winning into the foreseeable future. The forecast on the Right in the Culture War is for continuing losses as far as we can see.

In regards to the Culture War, the rightwing is fighting a war against Time. And that’s not a war that’s often won.

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