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The Khanz – ‘Falling Apart’

Posted on the 02 June 2014 by Doughnutmag

Reaching our (pebbled) shores all the way from Sydney, New South Wales, The Khanz are here with a powerful video to match the big sound of their new single, ‘Falling Apart’.

Filmmaker, Ben Cox, had the following to say about his creation;

“The aim with the music video was to capture what it’s like to see someone really fall apart. By using the technique of a photo-a-day I was able to show that when something goes wrong in a person’s life it isn’t an isolated incident. Instead it happens over time, through repeated problems that aren’t dealt with.”

“…when something goes wrong in a person’s life it isn’t an isolated incident.” – Ben Cox

“I decided to have her lip-synching the song firstly because it looks great, but more importantly because there’s a sense of self awareness that comes with someone singing about a life falling apart whilst it’s happening to them.

“Making the video was a real labor of love. A month of pre-production, 6 days of shooting and 2 months of editing. Every single frame was carefully placed to animate her. Hopefully the end result was worth it.”

‘Falling Apart’ Lyrics

“We feed, we feed on our emotions,
Don’t talk too loud, they’re losing patience,
You’re bored, I’m bored, well let’s do business,
Devour devour my intuition.

Devour devour my indecision
Devour devour my intuition
You’re bored, I’m bored, well let’s do business
Devour devour devour it all

Cause you keep falling apart
And it eats me up
I can’t come back to fix you up

I’ve grown strong since the last assault
Lost all those scars from the battles I’ve fought
And I won’t stop till my heart is stone
And it’s lost to the sea when I fall off the boat

Devour devour more information
Devour devour the revelations
Before I fall into the water
Devour devour devour

And I sewed your head to your neck
But it keeps falling off
I can’t fix you up
And it’s devoured all your friends
But you won’t cut it off
You’ll just fall apart”

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