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A Few Questions with Luca Stefano (Damascvs)

Posted on the 24 March 2016 by Doughnutmag

Catch Damascvs along with Yume and Edmondson this Saturday at The Yard in Hackney, London (hosted by ZAWAVES).

The Doughnut: How was your tour?
Damascvs: It was amazing. It was my first time on on tour and it was a lot more tiring than I imagined. But every night the shows were on point and everyone killed it.

TD: What was your favorite stop?
Damascvs: All the stops were cool tbh but I think the party in Joburg was the livest.

TD: What is your relationship with Quit Safari?
Damascvs: Quit Safari is a bunch of idiots sitting around. We tryna make that big money. We don’t do much.

TD: What’s your role in the collective, if I can call it that?
Damascvs: My role is just to make music. Seb and Bas handle most of the day to day stuff, we all discuss shit together but I’m [not] too into the organisational side of things.

TD: What visual artist would you most like to collaborate with?
Damascvs: Beardsley! But someone living… I’m quite a big fan of bootymath’s work. I don’t think I know enough good visual artists, i’m not super into visual art tbh.

TD: What UK-based producers or labels do you admire?
Damascvs: Edmondson (who is playing with me in London) is a killer. I know a bit about the obvious ones like Warp and Hypercolour, Werkdiscs. I’m a big fan of Actress (obviously).

TD: You were once an MC, do you still freestyle over any of your beats?
Damascvs: I still make rap music, in fact the thing I’m working on right now is a rap project.

In the past my work as Damascvs was kinda separate from rap I think. Now they are coming together more, but there is definitely a line between my instrumental stuff and things that have vocals.

ZAWAVES – Damascvs @ The Yard

ZAWAVES - Damascvs @ The Yard

TD: What is your setup for live performances such as your upcoming show in Hackney?
Damascvs: I just bring my laptop, a controller and a sp 404.

TD: What’s next for Damascvs?
Damascvs: I wanna get to the US sometime soon. But I’ll also just be at home working on a few different things or tryna write a novel.

TD: Do you have an opening line or extract to share?
Damascvs: Nah mate.

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