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The Iran Deal: A No Brainer...except Those with No Brains!

Posted on the 02 September 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
What is it that with the exception of One Country, every Nation in the World believes that the Nuclear Deal agreed upon by the United States, Great Britain, France, China, Russia, and Germany, is a good deal? What is it that Bibi Netunyahu, Tom Cotton, and that same group of about 300 Clowns in Congress...who are also trying to subvert climate change laws to screw the rest of the world...really know? What does these fools know, that the rest of this planet's 9 Billion other inhabitants don't?
The European Union has given its full blessing of approval to the Iran Nuclear Deal. And with a UN Security Council's formal's a message, a lead, a hint of sorts to a mindless American Congress that it 'is' a good deal! and if it goes down in flames? not only will the United States go at it alone...all alone without any of their Allies in this world, in this obsessive war against Iran!...Europe and Asia will suffer economically and socially far more than the US!
Tom Cotton and 46 others said they're still prepared to stand alongside Bibi and subvert the policies of the United States Government and that of all the other countries to stop or break any deal!...really really fucking Patriotic! 47 asshole politicos who wear their Patriotism as a costume in disguise...hide from the public who and what they really are, and what they really stand for. As much as they try to pretend how much they care for America, their religious intolerance, their hate for Islam, and their natural hawkish anxiety to bomb a religion, a culture, and a way of life right out of this earth...only helps their opposition around the world!
Mindless people, political opportunists, and $$$ hungry political takes only a little observation, an IQ larger than 1, and just plain common sense...and it'll show why the Iran Deal is going to be a big win? Why the overwhelming court of political scholars, military officers, and public opinion...all, from both in the United States and Europe...and also from Asia!...think its a good deal!! 
A win-win situation? Ret. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson who served as Colin Powell's Assistant and Chief of Staff, both at the Pentagon with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and later with the Secretary of State, recently said; "In the military, and working in diplomacy, its inconceivable not to make this deal! With Iran, there's only 4 Options to the Alternative...'Do nothing', 'Make The Deal', 'Bomb', or 'Invade'...if the deal doesn't work out, you still have the alternative options to Bomb or Invade!" 
A National Security Expert, a visiting Professor at William and Mary, and a Lecturer at George Washington...Republicans won't all be agreeing with him too soon, some will even try to discredit him if possible,,,but how trustworthy is he? How about being the 2009 Recipient of the Sam Adams Award for " Integrity in Intelligence"!!
In a Letter to the Editor, Philip Hornik of Portland, OR said: "The United Nations and the European Union have already expressed their intention to end their own sanctions against Iran regardless of what the U.S. decides to do. Rejecting the deal will leave the U.S. with no peaceful leverage against Iran's nuclear ambitions. This will leave the world, including the U.S. and Israel, a more dangerous place. Accepting the deal is a risk, but it is a risk that is well worth taking".
Once again, Republicans...whether in the minority or majority...lose again! The Iran Treaty is going to be reality, and only a criminal act from treasonous people, who've already publicly stated their allegiance to a foreign government, for the sole purpose of subverting American and International Foreign Policies and Interests.
It's an election year, and with turmoil comes the horseshit of political rhetoric...the natural setting for anxious blowhard War Hawks to blow those Winds of War tunes...good sound-bytes to keep their trolling minions happy. But! by the time the 58th Quadrennial US Presidential Election arrives on November 8th and rolls away on the 9th, you won't hear a thing from the GOP...going up against the whole world, and the whole world literally hating Americans' guts because of these treasonous clowns, is not going to win elections...even living in perpetual stupidity, they know their stop Iran Deal is a lost cause!
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