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The Importance of Good Old Statements with Signers

Posted on the 14 June 2011 by Nima Ch. (dustandtrash) @dustandtrash
Jaras; 300 activists from the city of Isfahan have issued a statement and sent their sincere condolences on the loss of Sahabi. Real signers, real names, from Iran, ...
Kaleme; 64 political prisoners have issued a statement explaining the last hours of journalist and melli-mazhabi activist Hoda Saber, the journalist who died on hunger strike (English translation). Real names, from Iran, from jail, brave people, ...
dear translaters,
dear tweeters,
dear people who want to be a voice for freedom heroes of Iran,
In the last two years, tens of statements were issued. Most of them without real signers. You could see only such signatures: green students of X or number of green activists from the city of Y. In the most cases, you couldn't know if those statements were really written by students or even by people who live in Iran. As well, they could have been written by the authorities of the ministry of Intelligence or by some Iranians living abroad, knowing not even one student in Iran. 
If writing of statements which include the real names of the signers becomes normality once again, statements can have the necessary effect on the society in future: just if the signers are ready to pay the prize of what they do, they could expect the same from the people, too.  
We, people who try to be the voice of freedom fighters, have also to be very careful about translating and spreading statements without real name of the signers, specially those, in which a group or an organization is being attacked (doesn't matter which group or organization). Otherwise, many will exploit us easily.

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