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How Iranian Journalists Abroad Are Censuring Us on the Nuclear Issue

Posted on the 04 December 2013 by Nima Ch. (dustandtrash) @dustandtrash

How Iranian journalists abroad are censuring us on the nuclear issue

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The Government Is Negotiating

Fortunately, I haven't deleted this blog. It takes a lot of time to update my Farsi and German language blogs and there are enough Iranian journalists writing in English, I thought. But there is one problem: they don't reflect all opinions existing within Iran for political reasons.
I don't believe in the possibility of independent journalism. But most of Iranian journalists I know, don't even try to reflect our opinion, even though we are big number of activist and bloggers with many readers. So, to say that our number is not big enough would be an incorrect excuse. We exist, but they reflect only their "own" people.
Many of famous Iranian journalists abroad, try to give a black and white picture of Iran's new foreign policy. They also reflect only the black and white opinion over Iran's Foreign policy. According to them, there are two fanatic groups opposing Zarif: Islamic hardliners and extremist opponents of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The rest shall support Zarif and Rouhani's policy without any criticism. That is a bullshit!
We are big number of people (also if not the majority) supporting Zarif only as long as his policies improve the relations with the west. We don't see uranium enrichment as our right. We don't care about uranium enrichment, since we have more important but ignored rights. We want sanctions lifted and it is up to Iranian government to negotiate for that. We don't let them to play with us. And they better know that. We want to live normally. Like in many other countries. We want to have good relations with the west and the rest of the world. We don't let our government play with us: To say, we tried to negotiate, but the west was stubborn. We can not forget, that it was their policy over years that leaded to our current situation. People in Iran are suffering directly or indirectly under sanctions. Many have died, many got sick homeless. We are sick of this. Now, it is our governments opportunity to end this sorrow. It is why millions of people voted for Rouhani.
Special thanks to those journalists who didn't let us alone.

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