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Islam is Not a Race, but Rightist Groups Are Misusing Islam Critic. What Now?

Posted on the 10 August 2013 by Nima Ch. (dustandtrash) @dustandtrash
1. To make it clear, I am not a friend of religions. I think Religion and specially Islam critic is necessary in our time.
3. We criticize religions because we love human being and because we think religion is making people more harm than good.
4. Often Muslims call Islam criticizers "racists". Islam is not a race, so
Why do people shriek "racist!" when Islam is criticised even though Islam isn't a race? It WORKS; it shuts us up. We must stop being cowards
— Lucy Wainwright (@Whoozley) August 8, 2013
5. But it is also true that right radical groups in the west misuse Islam critic for spreading hate. The reason for their self called Islam critic is that it works better than direct racist statements.
6. Unfortunately these groups exist too and we can not just close eyes as if they wouldn't exist. A rational Islam critic must continue. But in the same time we must distinguish between the people and their beliefs. May be we have to shout louder: "respect people, not beliefs" and stop rightist groups misuse our statements.

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