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The Hunger Games Movie

By Anovelsource @thenovellife

The Hunger Games Movie

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And may the odds be ever in your favor...

oh. my. gosh! The movie was so freakin' incredible!
There were only about a few dozen things I loved about The Hunger Games movie ~
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss: She was beautiful, formidable and carried the role with the grace of a white-tailed doe.  From her mocking, nervous laughter shared with Gale before the reaping to the stoicism showed when stepping in for her cherished sister and then to the raw emotion when Katniss came upon Rue's body during The Games ~ Jennifer Lawrence's acting was flawless.
Gale v. Peeta: Honestly, when the movie first started, I thought Gale was the more handsome one.  He is definitely "built" and portrayed as the stronger, more manly, of he and Peeta. When Peeta was first introduced in the movie, I thought surely he must have been cast badly. . .however, as the movie progressed, Peeta's transformation is nothing short of spectacular.
the Capitol: could it have been portrayed any better? I think not.  The tremendous varied colors of the Capitol inhabitants against the total desolation and utter impoverishment of the Districts truly set the tone.
Supporting Characters: From the moment the Capitol cameras are "on" and we see newscaster, Caesar Flickerman's quick glance and wide, toothy grin the absolute dichotomy of the actual hunger games being aired for entertainment was incredibly acute.
Effie Trinket, newscaster and master of ceremonies for the district reaping, as portrayed by the versatile and stunning Elizabeth Banks - played the role with part bluster and part epitome of the Capitol, Banks took being materialistic and shallow to new heights.
Woody Harelson as Haymitch, mentor to Katniss and Peeta was for the most part, spot on.  He comes across in the beginning as the lush Haymitch was known for - there was not much of a transition from the alcoholic Haymitch to the realist Haymitch but Harelson still did a bang-up job with the character.
And Lenny Kravitz as Cinna, designer for Katniss and Peeta? He was equal parts empathetic and creative......and totally hot! hot! hot!
The girl on fire ~ I was intensely curious to see how the parade of tributes would unfold, and then completely awed by Katniss and Peeta's uniforms on fire! What an amazing entrance! But what I truly loved, was Katniss's flaming dress she wore for her interview with Caesar Flickerman - whew! What a statement!
What I did not like:  Several times during the movie the cameras pan in and out, flickering and shaking - I guess it was supposed to be a realistic-type shot, but as I was sitting near the front of the theater I got dizzy from the shakiness.
and there ya have it - must have been so super-incredible because the author, Suzanne Collins also co-wrote the screenplay.  And the casting, costumes, location - wow!  I want to go see it again!
Have you watched The Hunger Games Movie? What were your impressions? 

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