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The Honda Civic GX 4DR

Posted on the 15 December 2011 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

Of all the green cars around in the world today, there’s really only one that can lay claim to being the greenest of the lot and that’s the Honda Civic GX.

The Honda Civic GX is powered by natural gas and was voted “Greenest Car of 2011” by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

So it has quite legitimate claims to be the world’s greenest of green cars. But what you may not be aware of is the fact that the model has now been awarded this accolade for an incredible eight years in a row!

The Honda Civic GX is a production car made to run on compressed natural gas. It is based on the Civic and will soon be available across all the US states (previously, it was available only in California, New York, Oklahoma and Utah).

honda civic 300x225 The Honda Civic GX 4DR

The Honda GX is made in Indiana alongside other conventional Civics at Honda’s Greensburg plant. The car can be refuelled at customers’ own homes via the “Phill” Home Refuelling Appliance, which attaches to a home natural supply, compressing the gas into the car’s fuel tank through a high pressure hose.

The Civic GX has already been tested with governments, businesses and retail markets and Honda now seems to have decided the world is ready for this most environmentally-friendliest of cars.

But it’s still a way off achieving the kind of unfettered production quantities being achieved by the company’s hybrid cars.

As things stand, Honda makes relatively few Civic GXs, but if and when compressed natural gas becomes more widely available worldwide; that may change.

For now, though, the Civic GX remains a realistic option in the USA. But as President Barack Obama has called for a wider uptake of fuel-efficient cars, and has demanded that all federal automobiles will need to run on alternative, hybrid or electric power by 2015, the GX looks to have a bright future.

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