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The “Homophobes Are Really Gay” Lie

Posted on the 31 December 2018 by Calvinthedog

Almost all liberals and even many gays nowadays insist that all homophobes are really gay. It’s just not true.

Of course there are some self-hating gay men who use reaction formation and become hateful homophobes as they attack the gay within themselves that they hate and deny.

That said, I’ve met many homophobes in my life and I haven’t met one who turned out to be gay yet, so the “Homophobes are really gay” argument is just wrong. Some homophobes are gay, yes, but most of them are not.

Most homophobes I met in life were very masculine men, ultra-masculine men, who were ultra-straight. They had sex with more women than most men. They were straight up macho studs.

If anything, masculinity is correlated with homophobia because as it rises, homophobia tends to go up.

It is reassuring to gay men’s egos to think that homophobes are really gay. The truth is that a lot of people are just serious assholes who really hate you gay men a lot. It’s painful to admit that someone hates you that much, so it’s better to say they’re just covering up being gay.

One more thing: Do you gay men really want these reactionary, drooling, wildly homophobic freaks? I mean really? If I were gay, I would say we don’t want the homophobes, you straight people can have em. I mean you want to date Paul Cameron and Marcus Bachman?

Note that I am not implying that Cameron or Bachman are gay. Cameron is certainly not. Bachman is a very effeminate man, but possibly he is an effeminate straight man, as 3% of straight men are effeminate. However, it is odd that this very effeminate straight man runs a counseling service where he uses reparative therapy to try to cure gays of homosexuality while using some brutal and savage language towards homosexuals. Isn’t it a bit odd for an effeminate straight man to be so ferociously homophobic? It’s like “there’s something wrong with this picture.”

On a gay site, someone posted recently that Mitch McConnell was gay, and some gay man wrote,

Dear straight people:

You can have Mitch McConnell.

Signed, the gays.

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