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The Highlight of My Week (It's Not What You Think)

By Brisdon @shutuprun
Is it weird that the highlight of my week was picking up my husband from his colonoscopy?
What's not to like? He is heavily sedated and dribbling apple juice down his chin. He and the other guys in the recovery room are all laying on their sides farting uncontrollably. I just sit there with a wild smirk on my face trying not to pee with laughter. And before you blast me for not being compassionate - I have had a colonoscopy and have been in this exact same spot. I laughed at myself then.
Yes, I think farts are just as funny now as when I was in second grade, third grade, college, grad school.... Not sure why. Is it the sound? Is it the fact that it is highly embarrassing for people and kind of taboo?
I know for certain it is NOT the smell.
Speaking of smells, when I picked my daughter up from school today early (because she wasn't feeling well) I had just eaten an Egg McMuffin, but for some reason I didn't want anyone to know (probably because McDonalds is gross and I like to pretend I don't eat it but on the rare occasion I forgo my kale smoothie for the devil). Well, eggs and farts can oddly smell similarly, so when she got in the car she said, "Eww, did you fart?" And I had to make the quick decision whether I wanted to be responsible for the fart smell and say I did pass gas or whether I wanted to fess up to the Egg McMuffin. What do you think I did?
Yep, the egg. that was such a major digression into the dark world of bodily functions. Can you tell how fried my mind is from work and writing clinical/sterile reports that I need to come over here and just start vomiting whatever words come into my head?
The good news is, because I know you have been wondering...I have figured out a training plan for the TransRockies Run. In my last post I was kind of freaking out, but thanks to Maria, who has done this race before, my freak out has subsided. AND I HAVE A PLAN. I love having a plan. I am not a fly by the seat of my pants type of gal.
Here's what I did last week for my first official week of 17 weeks.
Monday: Rest
Tuesday Rest <---- yep training is going well, My excuse? I had to take Emma for her driving permit (proof below)
The Highlight of My Week (It's Not What You Think)
Wed: 6 miles
Thursday: 7 miles
Friday: Off
Saturday: 10 miles. Trails. Hard. 1,800 feet of gain (proof below):
The Highlight of My Week (It's Not What You Think)
Sunday: 6 miles easy
Total: 29 miles. No cross training even though I should have. This week, I promise.
So, there you have it. GAME ON SUCKERS. (I despise the phrase "game on" but it just seemed to fit. I know, right? < another hated phrase).
And, in random news to make up for Egg McMuffin blues (<cute rhyme) I made this yummy zucchini thing. Go make it, it's really good. You're welcome.
The Highlight of My Week (It's Not What You Think)

Do you like having a plan or do you prefer to be all laid back and just do whatever the eff you want?

Share a favorite recipe.

When was the last time you had fast food? Today. But before today it probably has been at least 2 months.

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