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The Healthy Elvis

By Yonni @vegandthecity
For those of you celebrating Passover, are you as bored of matzah as I am?  It's great with some Earth Balance buttery spread, but after a week?  Isn't variety the spice of life?
I made two great alternatives, and even with only one day left, you might want to give these a try.
First, spread a thin layer of avocado on whole wheat matzah.  Sprinkle a touch of kosher salt and then top with very thinly sliced cucumbers.  It's as good and healthy as it is green!
Next, for a sweet alternative, try this recipe I'm calling the Healthy Elvis.  On regular matzah, spread a thin layer of cashew butter.  Sprinkle on a little ground flax seed (I use Dash O' Flax) and a touch of organic agave (this could get messy...)  Then top with thin slices of banana...yum!
And if Easter's your holiday, happy holiday!

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