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The Haircut: You Decide

By Rubytuesday
As you know
Lately I have been experimenting with my look
I've had my nose pierced
I'm now wearing glasses
I'm thinking of getting a tattoo
And next for a change
Is my hair
I have made an appointment to get my hair done tomorrow morning
And I have two styles that I am thinking of getting done
Here is where I need your help
The first style is the under cut
Ala Rita Ora
 Image result for under cut rita ora#
I told my Dad that I am thinking of getting this done
And he said I was in the 'wrong age bracket'
But I really don't care if I am the wrong age
Or even if its passe
I still want to get it done
The other style is similar
The half shaved head
Like this
Image result for half shaved hairstyles
 So I'm wondering what you guys think
Have you ever had either of these styles?
Which do you think  would suit me better?
 And please do tell me if you think I have lost my mind
I'm a big girl
I can handle it
Its just that I so sick of my hair right now
I have two styles that I rotate
Hair up in a bun
Or down and straightened
It just doesn't go with who I am any more
You know?
Let me know your thoughts
I am waiting with baited breath........

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