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The Grand Jupiter & Saturn Conjunction – A New Age Begins

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
The Grand Jupiter & Saturn Conjunction – A New Age Begins

So to the grand conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on 21st December 2020, the day of the winter solstice at 0 degrees Aquarius. This conjunction has been widely anticipated as it it brings forth the advent of a brand new cycle, as this major conjunction occurs in the air signs for the first time in the best part of 600 years. Just to give you some perspective, the last time these two planets met in the early degrees of Aquarius to start a new cycle or grand conjunctions in air signs was the year 1226. This particular conjunction is likely to be far more significant than that one was, as it lands on the solstice. Jupiter is the great expansive influence in the heavens, as the bringer of wisdom and knowledge. Saturn is the great restrictive influence on us, holding us to account, giving us responsibilities to carry out, and bringing patience when it is sorely needed. This conjunction convenes every 19 to 20 years, as a marker point for the next chapter in the evolution of the world around us. I believe that this particular grand conjunction will mark the beginning of an even greater age - the Age of Aquarius.

Why do I think that the Age of Aquarius is starting right now? Well just look at the evidence of what has been occurring in the last year or so. The age we have been in and experiencing for the last 2000 years has been the age of Pisces, and Pisces as a sign is connected to suffering, sacrifice, compassion, medicine and hospitals, drugs, viruses, deceit, anything that is fake or confusing, illusion, seclusion and lockdowns, internal mental issues, the disintegration of structure and using imagination to overcome one's difficulties.

All of these qualities have been prevalent in the last year, and in astrology I have noticed that whenever you come a boundary or dividing line point between the signs or the houses in the astrology chart, a calling card is left, or there is an intensification of that moment of transition from one sign or one house to the next. One would expect as we exited this age into the one of Aquarius, that the age of Pisces would go out with a bang. How more appropriate then could you get, than to have a global pandemic causing suffering and the breakdown of world structures and people's lives forcing us to seek answers and solutions within the qualities of the next great age that is just beginning? Through the Aquarian qualities of technology, science, brand new techniques, the internet and computing, through communities coming together as one, networking and socially connecting with each other, the solutions for the brand new age are to be found.

Let's get into the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in a little more detail. Coming together on the first degree or Aquarius I think is very significant. What is Aquarius? It's a sign of independence and doing your own thing, it is nonpartisan, encompassing of all creeds and background, indeed in Aquarius it is good, and even encouraged, to be different. This is the sign of One World and in the next 200 years I very much expect but the world will come together as one entity. Now back to the subject of independence. Saturn is restriction and Jupiter is expansion, and they meet on the point of freedom in the astrology chart. There's a big conflict going on here, between those that want to control and those who do not want to be hemmed in. Jupiter wants the ability to move and explore, and Saturn, strong in the sign of Aquarius as it used to rule this sign before Uranus was discovered, wants to stop or at least control how much freedom is gained.

Just as an illustration of the battles to come, I've just been watching a demonstration on the news in the city of London between protesters (very Aquarian) and the police trying to control them (very Saturn) over the philosophical right to go about your business and have freedom in the light of the pandemic - these were anti lockdown protesters (very liberal or Jupiterian). Where was this protest happening in London? Right outside a very famous shop, Liberty of London. You may know it, it's just on the corner of Carnaby Street. I cannot think of a more appropriate place for this protest to take place, and the irony was not lost on me.

I think this very event signifies some important issues from this conjunction on the opening degree of Aquarius, and the dilemma that we will all face. How much freedom can we afford ourselves in the light of the restrictive nature of the virus that we are suffering under? It is something the politicians will have to grapple with for a while to come. Freedom comes in a lot of forms, from freedom to speak, freedom to think, freedom to do what we want, as against the laws that are being putting place to protect us all. This conflict of interest goes to the very heart of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. All of us wherever this conjunction lands in our charts will have to find a balance between where we can expand, and where we have to hold back. Go too far on the Jupiter side, and we may get ourselves into trouble, whereas put too much emphasis on Saturn, and we will hold ourselves back when we do need to make forward progress. What is certain though is that we need to find new ways of doing things, as Aquarius is the sign of revolution, invention and bringing freshness into our lives. Get the balance right, and this conjunction could be the springboard for considerable success in the decade to come.

Finally, on a grander scale, you must be aware of the significance of Jupiter and Saturn coming together around the time that a brand new American president is sworn into office. Going back to 1840, only two American presidents have survived their full term when taking charge of America at the time of the grand conjunction. Harrison, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Harding, Roosevelt and Kennedy all passed away under Jupiter Saturn meetings. Reagan and Bush both survived assassination attempts. Now this could be a self-fulfilling prophecy, or it could be the work of the planets in action. Saturn often brings loss, and Jupiter is nearly always involved when the soul passes from the body. This coming year may be the signal post for the near future, as great leaders fall, and new leaders rise.

So to summarize, this is a majorly important moment in the Astrology of the last couple of centuries, and it's a chance to go in a brand new direction. For some, this is going to be very difficult, especially if you are like myself well into your middle years, and at the point in life where you don't really want to take on new major challenges. Having to reinvent while suffering and absorbing the losses of the last year is going to test us all. The only advice I can give is the advice that I always give. Embrace the change, even if it is small and you don't feel like doing it. By making the adjustments that we need to make, and by stepping boldly into this new age, you may find that you adapt far quicker than you ever thought possible.

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