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The GOP Way: Blaming 'Lack of Regulation', While Deregulating It!

Posted on the 14 August 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
What makes the Republican Party, degenerate to a level of Indecency and Immorality never seen before in the annals of American Political History? Absolutely no morals or character!...unabashedly Crooked & Dishonest, Liars, Racists, Misogynists, Xenophobic, and Homophobic. They're in a state of a massive severe Social Anxiety Disorder!!...all of them, just hypocrites, Intolerant of everything on this earth, and everyone not made in their own image, their liking, and specifications on how a human being should look and think: "White and Conservative"...the rest of the world? va fangul! They don't have a need for ya, friend!
The two things they 'do' super excel at, is Arrogance and Greed! to suck up and go to bed with Big $$$$$$$$$. It's no secret that they could care less for 99% of this can't suck the 1% dry, they have an endless cash you play the Political Whore card and become their Biotch!  Whether their name is spelled; K-o-c-h, A-d-e-l-s-o-n, D-e-V-o-s-s, W-y-n-n, or whoever else...these scumbags will sell their own mothers down a polluted radioactive river for filthy $$$ why would they give a shit selling away the country and taking it down the crapper? I guess Marx was right...Capitalism does Corrupt!
And with this group of corrupt degenerates allied with a Conservative Aristocracy that are not so publicly quiet about their desire for a Plutocratic Ruling Class Society, and are willing to spend literally Billions, not Millions! but $$Billions$$ to take control of the United States of America...their current power? Remember We, The People?'s now We, The Citizens' United! Yes, folks!...$$$ Talks!!
Now we have John Boehner...speaking of degenerate hypocrites!...accusing the EPA for a toxic leak because of a "Lack of Regulation"? Could it be the same lack of Regulations that the Republican Congress has been continuously deregulating at the urge of their Sugar Daddy benefactors? The coal mines in West Virginia for example...who wants Regulations? The EPA!...and who really doesn't want Regulations? Does the name Koch, ring a bell?
It's all the same old Republican hypocrisy. The same Republican House who now wants the Environmental Protection Agency to place regulations into affect and protect Joe Citizen, have been steadily gutting the funds of the EPA...the 2015 Budget funding, cuts the EPA by $718 million, or 9%, and caps staffing levels at the agency to 15,000...the lowest level since 1989. The last round of EPA cuts were at 7%...ahhyup! they want more and more cuts, yet keep demanding the EPA do more? Oh! how Republicans love to pass the buck when the shit hits the fan! and it's their fault! It would be funny...if it wasn't such a sad and serious situation...the immorality and the indecency of how the GOP plays with people's lives, and the phoniness of their love for this country. A Party with no cojones! to admit and take the blame when they are wrong or when they screw up and people get hurt.
So why do they act so concerned about a toxic spill?...besides being an election year, no reason at all!...they could care less! It's their standard ruse for the exploitation of the ignorance of their minions.
Yes! this is your Grand Old Party at its lowest form of Civility and Decorum...a Republican Party that has sold themselves out, lock, stock, and barrel for that almighty dollar. There 'is' a reason why the Koch Brothers are publicly in favor of the dismantling of the EPA...Koch Industries are the largest polluters of our environment in the Nation. The record number of Class Action Lawsuits, and Wrongful Deaths Lawsuits throughout the years are just a second thought for the most heavily fined corporation for polluting in American History. Too many millions of $$$ they can't sleep with anymore!'s easier to buy out the country and take control themselves, nobody could tell them what to do, then.
Pair them up with Low-life degenerate politicos who "Love this Country" so much! that they believe in selling our natural resources, Public Land and Parks to Foreign Corporations...including Apache Indian Land and their Holy sites...that's none of their business! It's Indian Land! Selling off our Forests and National Parks to Foreign investments?? Patriotism my ass! Republicans today, don't give a damn about America!...their Immorality and Indecency just gushes out with pride! They're degenerates, what do you really expect? Abe Lincoln??
John Boehner Blames EPA for Toxic Spill Caused by Lack of Regulation

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