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The GOP's Never Ending Battle for Political Dysfunctional Supremacy

Posted on the 11 March 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
No words can ever express such a dysfunction in someone's mind, no less, an entire Political Party. Why in the name of God, would someone...with enough political knowledge and understanding of basic common sense...would commit such a blatantly stupid act? sending a partisan Letter, in behalf of Republican Party and signed by 47 US Senators and the Leadership of the Party?
Then to spice up the story, the Iranian Embassy returned their answer...pretty much embarrassing the Dumbos, by giving the GOP a lesson on their own US Constitution, Civics, International Diplomacy, Respect, and Decorum...and yes! US and International Laws on the question of Treason! It's simply fricken outrageous that a Foreign Country knows the US Constitution and US Laws on Treason...better than the Republicans!!
In the past couple of months, the GOP has managed to undermine International Diplomatic negotiations, conspired to invite behind the back of the State Dept, Ambassadors, and the White House, the leader of  a Foreign Government  to speak and lobby Congress for the Kirk-Menendez Act...a guaranteed golden ticket for the US to enter War whenever Israel asks...anywhere in the world! Now, conspiring against your own Government!! by aiding and giving comfort to the enemy!! WTF??
Joe Biden said, that in his 30+ years and former Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he could recall no other instance in which Senators had written to the Leaders of Another Country, “much less a Foreign Adversary,” to say the President had no Authority to strike a deal with them!!
Stupid is as stupid...Republicans? WRONG!!! Read up on the US Constitution, and US Diplomatic Protocols!...or ask the Iranian Ambassador!...he can look it up quicker, and offer a few more lessons!
You would believe that a Megablunder of this magnitude, the GOP would round up their wagons and regroup united as One. Nope!! not with this much dysfunction!... the Clown Show!! Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Rick Perry,  Rick Santorum, and Bobby Jindal, all support the letter!! Sign of Dysfunction? or sign of Indecent Hypocrites? You see! it was Obama's fault for the Republicans to sign that letter and send it out...he forced them!...they just couldn't say no!
It's a pretty dysfunctional state within the Grand Old Party, when Dick Cheney is steaming about it and scolds the GOP for such a stupid, asinine  blunder! "Congress must not interfere with the President's Iran Policy"! Even weirder when you agree with both, Cheney and the Iran Ambassador!!
Treason is a dangerous act to mess around with! Bill Press wrote: “This is the Second Act for Republicans who would rather go to war against Iran than try to reach an agreement with Iran to drop its pursuit of nuclear weapons...first, they invite Bibi Netanyahu to attack negotiations with Iran. Now, they try to sabotage any deal with this letter.” "Using Netanyahu to undermine President Obama’s attempts at Diplomacy. Now, they’re using the Ayatollah,” Press lamented. “In my book, by any definition, 'that' my friends is Treason.”
The Logan Act  forbids "unauthorized citizens", elected or not elected from negotiating with Foreign Governments. Unauthorized Citizens like Ronald Reagan, who should have been tried for Treason for negotiating with a Foreign Government behind the back of Jimmy Carter, Dick Cheney should have been tried for Treason for deliberately exposing publicly in the NY Times, an American Spy...the CIA's top Nuclear Expert...just for a personal vendetta! And John Boehner should be tried for Treason, for negotiating behind the back of his President with a Foreign Government, and undermining his Commander-in-Chief , and now the GOP, by authorizing the writing of personal letters to Foreign Governments criticizing Barack Obama!
Treason? in my book? Yea!! Treason by Mitch McConnell and 47 treacherous Americans, who call themselves "Senators" but are actually nobodies who finagled their lies and sold their souls to the highest bidder to gain the title of Senator.
Life in Prison, Death by's the way of life for a Traitor. Press says; "Death by Hanging"...personally I prefer something more Aristocratic to their liken...the Guillotine!
In wake of GOP letter to Iran, battle erupts over blame for dysfunction - The Washington Post

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