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The GOP's "Growth & Opportunity Project": Inclusion? Or Exclusion?

Posted on the 31 December 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Dear Republicans, do you know anything about the “Growth and Opportunity Project”? It's your 'Project', my friends!...since winning Presidential Elections are becoming increasingly harder after the GOP accepted the taste of Lipton in their after-hours Conservative cocktail parties...a 'Project' to diversify yourself and gain more voters! Diversify? about because your voter base is just not big enough to win anytime soon, stupid?
“If our Party is not Welcoming and Inclusive, Young People and increasingly other Voters will continue to tune us out” ~~~ Ari Fleischer
The “Growth and Opportunity Project” is the postmortem report by Ari Fleischer on why the GOP lost 2012, and on how to regain the edge by connecting with the minorities...especially the Hispanics, the Asians, and the Youth.
With a Party make-up of Conservative Lily White Old Men and ignorantly Batshit Insane Younger Men and Women...they just don't give a shit! For this crowd, it's Hate!'s become fairly common knowledge why the Grand Old Party is so often called these days; "The Party of Hate".  
The last "Silent Majority" went with Nixon...and you remember all those wonderful hot lazy hazy days of summer riots, protests, sit-ins, war, social issues, and Watergate scandals! At least Nixon knew enough about politics and Foreign Affairs to keep this Nation intact during all his personal problems...this new Silent Majority is as clueless of how Societies and Governments function, and about Foreign their 'Le Grande Orange' Führer!
The bean-counter's numbers are are you going to win by alienating the Youth Vote, the Latino Vote, all Asian and Muslim Voters, and all minorities in general?...the Black Vote already goes 80%+ Democratic, and probably higher this, how about the Women and LGBT Voters? Don't expect an overwhelming majority of Women or Gays to vote for an arrogant Chauvinist, egotistical Gynephobe and Homophobe who's just a business con artist...with absolutely no experience in domestic and world affairs...and an openly flagrant liar!
With the Iowa Caucus spectacle on Feb. 1st, Trump is looking to restore his lead in the Hawkeye State which is now going for Ted Cruz, with the strong financial support of the Lipton Christians...Economic Populism he calls it...ask Atlantic City, NJ about Donald Trump, the guy who knows everything because he says so, and his Economic plans?!?!
Ted Cruz? He's the intelligent political version of the Trumpster...same ideas and Teutonic mentality...but, a much more dangerous and evil Demagogue.
"Political Correctness is killing people" Cruz' own words. He doesn't think we should be "Politically Correct" when it comes to War...or Law Enforcement...when trying to catch the bad guys. In other words, if President, he would not observe the Rules of Law, whether in Foreign Countries or in the United States, itself. Why not? he 'is' a big favorite of Law Enforcement bullies around the country...especially in Texas...the KKK, second only to Trump by the American Neo-Nazis, and of course...the NRA!
February 1st, 2016; the fun begins! Can Trump overtake Cruz in Iowa? Will Cruz become the front runner, even if Trump leads nationwide? Then, the cold winter of New Hampshire...will Trump take the Live Free or Die State? or will it be a Cruz push after Iowa? How about Marco? How about Jeb! who can now only say Jeb...I guess he can't use the exclamation anymore...ahhyup! Jeb couldn't "fix" that!
Unless something happens drastically between now and the Primaries, it will be a show with either Trump, Cruz, Rubio, or Bush...everyone else could very well be declared, in Trump's language; "Fired!". The writing is on the wall for 3/4 of them, anyhow!
As for Rubio and Cruz attracting the Latin Vote? Lets put it this have 2 wannabee Cubans whose "Cubanismo" comes out shining only during election time...with the exception of the 80-90 Generation of Cuban Voters, the Latin Vote is going Leftward!.
Son dos descarados que quieren ser mas Cubanos que los Cubanos, quando en realidada, no valen nada! Translation:They are a disgrace and embarrassment to the Cuban Community...and if you're a Republican? Don't expect the Hispanic Vote, even if a Latino...but especially if it's one of these 2 on the Ballot!
Yup! Happy Days appear to be here again for the Donkeys...if they don't find another way to screw themselves up first once again!
Republicans come up short in search for diverse voters in 2016 election | Reuters

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