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The GOP Dumbo: Religious Freedom? Or an Old White Elephant?

Posted on the 10 September 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
"Love thy Neighbor as Thyself"?...just look at the GOP Poster Boy!!...send thy Neighbor back where he came from! cause nobody! absolutely nobody! loves "Thyself" more than Le Grande Orange!
When a clueless Republican Party continues to live and play in a world of political conundrum...people get it, after a while!...a bullshit, is a bullshit, is a bullshit!! Add that ever-present Religious card in a rapidly Progressive and much more Liberal Society, and in today's Culture? It's a recipe for disaster!! Imposing a past lifestyle to people who are surgically glued to their Smart Phone?...and telling them how 'Good', old fashioned values are?...instead of how "Old" those ideas are! Living a life of lies, not one political policy with any substance, whatsoever...and all their hate filled trash talk! And now, a major push on Religion as a Major Plank?!?!
People in general, are tired and fed up of 16 boring clowns, spewing the same sound-bytes over and over...only one Clown has gotten the public's exclusive attention! Donald Trump is #1 not because of his self-declared genius, or because of his $$$. It's his arrogance and total lack of Couth, Decorum, Taste, Intelligence, and especially...Oratory Skills! 
Like Howard's Stern's first ratings in NY...the majority of viewers did not like him, but, the majority of viewers kept listening!...why? Just to hear what the next wild and crazy thing he's going to say!!
Trump? he's just a clown who's willing to blow a Billion dollars to give his Ego, a boost! He's the best reality show on TV...watching how 'real' the Republican Party implodes!!
"Martyrdom: The only way a man can become famous without ability" ~~ George Bernard Shaw
Martin Luther King Jr. did not choose 'dying' as part of his cause, even if he knew he might never see that promised land...a sack of shit, James Earl Ray...made that choice for him!!
Comparing Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis to Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, shows the GOP's total contempt, lack of class, and lack of respect for the Black Race...even if this scenario is not about the Black/White issue. Kim Davis is certainly not a Martyr, as the GOP tries to build her into...she's just a law breaker having her 15 minutes, and exploited by an Election Year Republican Party. She's this year's Batshit Party's version 2.0 of Joe The Plummer!
If is not the Black Issue, is the Hispanic!...if not the Hispanics, it's Women's Rights! And now? since all those issues favor their opponents, and having nothing left to bitch about?...what does living in the land of the stupids do to the human brain??...let's go Gay Bashing! and screw same sex marriage, too! Sell the unadulterated horseshit as "Religious Freedom"...while Pope Francis and the rest of the "real" Christian World, watches the truth everyday right in front of their eyes! It's a whole new world out there!...but don't tell their Ignorant's all they have left!
Will Evangelical Christianity kill the Grand Old Party? With a quality of leadership in which a bombastic egotistical non-politico, with absolutely '0' knowledge on every single Issue, leads all of his opponents?...the Republicans are in serious deep doo-doo as a respected and seriously legitimate political entity!
If someone is a City or County Clerk, and their Religious believes forbids a white person from marrying another white person...just for the hell of it, because they want to interpret 'their' own version of the Bible, refuses to issue a license!...would that be considered "Religious Freedom"??  Or does Religious Freedom only applies to Conservative Evangelical Christians?
Impose 'their' will on others? If they can un-glue a Smart Phone from the body of today's Future of America, and take away their PCs so no one can find out the truth...they'll do it! Religious fanatics are dangerously crazy!
Appeasing 12% of all Religions in America, and building a foundation to establish their Theocratic power to impose their will over everyone else?? Like their Great Tea Experiment? will fail!
Imposing religious believes on others who profess their own believes, whether they're Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, or an not going to make you friends, and most definitely...influence anyone! Believing your own  fictitious morality...those fictional family values...and those non-fictional ones that are kept in the family closet!
The GOP got what they wanted!...Old Time Religion and the Tea Party! Now, they'll have to live with it!...they created the monster, and the monster is about to swallow them up whole! When you're on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of conventional wisdom, and on the wrong side of the polls, day in and day out...either you head in a different direction, or expect to self-implode!...and very appropriately, become just another White Elephant!
Mike Huckabee and GOP 2016 Religious Freedom Rhetoric Could Undermine the Party - POLITICO Magazine

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