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The GOP Debates: Governing by Fear!

Posted on the 16 December 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
"Governing by Fear"'s the GOP Way! When you have nothing...absolutely nothing! offer the American Public, you turn to the old reliable "Fear Factor", scare them to death!
The Republican's 'Chicken Little' tactic...say it over and over, and all the foolish ignorance in today's masses that consists of the common clay of the American spirit will follow you straight to their death. When a politico enjoys living in the land of the stupids, they cannot help themselves avoid getting addicted to stepping on batshit....and the more they walk through that path, the more they want to step on it!
The latest exercise in Debate 101 apparently was a success if you're a Republican, and a totally divine Clown Show comedy if you were everybody else on this earth!
It was the zenith of batshit substance whatsoever of any kind, but a lot of 'Pants On Fire' lies to bolster their ratings on PolitiFact. It was a Debate of Fear and Hate by 8 Demagogues...Kasich just wanted some peace on earth among the challengers, and pretty much got ignored most of the night...and no one whatsoever, without even a clue on Foreign Policy.
National Security and Foreign Affairs was the topic...the Republican response? FEAR, HATE, and GUNS!! Time for War, and more hunt until they eliminate all Muslims from this Earth...and they made it explicitly clear that Civilian Casualties were unimportant! all in the name of stopping Terrorism? Latest estimates say it will take 80+ years of a full 100% Military occupation in the Middle East, to possibly stop 'almost' all the terrorists...but still, not all!
Time to arm against Muslims!! time to spy on your neighbors! time to kick out all or illegal that are not Evangelical Christians! Time to built that wall around the United States of America! Muricans Only!
All the shootings and mass killings? More Guns!...pass them out to all the crazies so they can play Gunfight at the OK Corral...yippee-ki-yay! Every Tom, Dick, and Harry that can sign an "X" under their name...has the Constitutional Right to own a Gun! It's time to show the world who's boss!
Armored Police and violence in the streets...a cop shooting an innocent defenseless man or woman? The sick sordid way of showing the world not to mess with Americans, and that "America Is Great, Again"! the eyes and tune of Fascist Ideology. Let them all kill each other with all those guns available, and then...they'll just march in with their Cross and Flag, without firing a shot!
And shutting the Internet as much as possible to fight ISIS? The Horseshit is truly flying high and long! More like shut down the Net so Republicans don't look the pile of garbage and human waste they are, in front of the entire  World...they've already lost Social Media Vote! Cutting off the Internet is like Burning Books...always the crazies of society!
Ana Marie Cox, in a related story in The Daily Beast, brilliantly described this Debate: "A Debate about Foreign Policy in which no actual Treaties were discussed. A Debate about the most dangerous Threats to America and no discussion of Home-Grown Terrorists. A debate about National Security that didn’t delve into the Costs of War".
The Republican Party has absolutely no one who can run a serious Professional Political Campaign with any real knowledge, real issues, with at least some sort of intelligence...and with a sense decorum and civility, by which this Country can get behind and support! They just don't have anyone! Zilch!...'Batshitmania' has become the greatest 'Reality Show' in the World...the zanier and more outrageous Trump gets, the more they like him! the more Hatred and Lies Trump's Intelligent alternative, Teddy Cruz spews out...the more people go gaga over the Anointed Savior of the Masses and his little Rasputinish Daddy!
The true Fear of your rank & file mainstream Republican? Another 4 years without a GOP President, and the time is running out for 2020 with this Republican Class of incompetence and buffoonery...and becoming the anti-establishment in a rapidly Progressive and Liberal World! Oh! and the Fear of the Numbers Game that shows the Nationwide Voter Split as 39% Independents, 32% Democrats, and 23% Republicans! Of Independents, only 16% of them Lean Republican...and with these choices of Candidates and policy stands? some of those 16% will certainly walk, and not vote, along with mainstream Republicans who appear more and more to sit it out, and hunker down this coming November!
Ahhyup! their 'is' Hope for this Country and the World...if, you're smart and go to vote!...but this is America, what do you think?
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