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The Fool’s Challenge–Day 5: Popular Characters I Loathe

By Megan Love Literature Art & Reason @meganm922
FoolsChallengeFoolsChallenge_topics hosted by Parajunkee Day 5: Characters I Secretly Loathe  Most of these aren’t really secret because I don’t care if I’m on the unpopular side of things
Edward Cullen from Twilight. I do not hate Twilight, so that’s not the reason he’s on my list. I’m not Team Jacob, either. I like Twilight and I actually like Bella for a number of reasons. However, I do dislike Edward Cullen a lot. I just don’t quite grasp his appeal. But I’m not really into the whole artsy guy with tons of feelings, nor am I into the crisp suit wearing guy who always has to stay in control. Edward makes the most sense for Bella, it’s just that I would never want my own Edward like person. If that makes sense.
Adam from Shatter Me. I mildly disliked him as soon as I reread Shatter Me after reading Destroy Me. My mild dislike grew into annoyance in Unravel Me. Fracture Me turned my annoyance into full blown hatred, which is where I’m at right now. I don’t know that I could even reread Shatter Me anymore without cringing because I seriously hate Adam. All those times I thought he was just a little lame or something, he was even worse. He wanted Juliette to be weak to fit next to him and that just makes me angry. I think I hate him so much because I loved him once and I feel like his view of Juliette is a betrayal. I thought he was so sweet and loving at one point.
Elisa from The Girl of Fire and Thorns. It’s all in my review of the book, but I couldn’t stand her at all. She was the vainest character I think I’ve ever come across, at least as far as main characters I’m supposed to root for go. She was concerned about her appearance the entire novel. I knew nothing about what was happening in her world for awhile, but I knew just what exercises or activities made her calves burn and what she ate and how horrible she felt about her appearance. It was too much.
Ash from The Iron Fey series. *Gasp* I know. But honestly, not only did I prefer the witty and adorable Puck, but Ash was so.. The Edward Cullen of the Fey. He was too cold and rigid for me. I didn’t like him very much and this was the first series I’ve read where I honestly couldn’t believe she ended up with who she ended up with. When I read series, even when I prefer the other guy, I usually know she’ll end up with the one I don’t like and I accept it.
Shay from the Nightshade series. I have never disliked a love interest so much I think in my life. I have no idea how he even ended up mattering to anyone or winning over Ren. It’s not because I loved Ren that much more (even though I did), but Shay was just so.. ugh. Annoying. I’ll never get over it.
Amy from the Across the Universe series. My reviews should be posting soon, but I could not stand Amy at all. There was nothing about her character I enjoyed. However, I really enjoyed the series, so that was weird. She was immature, naïve, annoying, stubborn, and made horrible decisions. Her narration sounded like she was 12 and never really got better. And she kept calling her dad Daddy, which irks me. It makes people sound either really young or like spoiled rich girls. It’s really only acceptable when the heroine is under 13. Amy was 17. *gag*
There are probably tons more characters I can’t stand.  I can be pretty opinionated. ha!

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