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The Fascinating Sites of Leh Ladakh

By Jaisonvincent @globlvisiontour
The Fascinating Sites of Leh Ladakh Exotic Leh and Ladakh is abundantly blessed with mighty mountains, exotic valleys, enchanting lakes, age old Buddhist Monasteries and Monks chanting prayers on the hill top, colorful unique culture and above all the top the smiling and welcoming faces of Ladakhis is truly something to die for. Moreover the gorgeous landscapes and its scenic charm and people will entice you a lot and which will tempt you to visit this place again and again. There are trip planners which offer kashmir packages from various cities. For more about kashmir Packages from kerala, visit:
This fascinating place is truly the most sought after tourist destination and which truly will leave you spell bound on your visit. Speckled with myriads of tourist allure which truly are worth to see and explore along with it the adventure activities truly make this destination the most special one among the vacationers of all the ages. Some fascinating sites which truly is very worth to visit and explore and which will be like icing on the cake are as listed below:
Salt Lake Valley of Ladakh
Salt Lake Valley of Ladakh is situated at 5000 meter above the main sea level and it is one of the widest open areas of the Rupshu Region. This valley is 20 km long and 7 km wide, one can reach to this valley through the Leh across the Tanglang La Pass. Thuggi is the prime settlement of the valley. The beauty of this valley is enhanced by the two exotic lakes the fresh water Panluk Lake with an area of about 2 square kilometers and the salt-water Tsokar Lake with an area of about 10 square kilometers. Lovingly the Tsokar Lake is also called as White Lake owing to its white salts deposit on the northern shore which the Changpas used to collect and trade till not very long enough.
The valley is beautifully surrounded by fresh and saline marsh and wet meadows which support a ranges of aquatic life such as black necked crane, great crested grebe, and bar-headed goose, and wildlife such as Kyang (Tibetan wild ass) and Tibetan sheep.
Puga valley, 15 miles east of Salt Valley, is acclaimed for its base and sulfur mines and as well its hot water springs accepted for its therapeutic powers. The average height of the arena is 5,000 meters and can be approached from Leh beyond the Tanglang La pass. The abutting airport is at Leh. Leh is affiliated by flights to Delhi, Chandigarh, Jammu and Srinagar.
Pangong Lake
This lake is the world highest brackish lake at the height of 14,256 feet above the main sea level. Tough this lake is under the army surveillance but the government decided it to open for the tourists and thus the infrastructure is under development to en-route the lake by Tourism Department.
Pangong Lake is 160 km from Leh and is truly one of the most beautiful places in the entire world to explore. As on your visit to the blissful lake the journey begins with Thiksey Village which is very renowned for its enormous monasteries endowing an entire mountain ridge. Beyond this limited apple there is annihilation but the acute abundance ridge. Beyond this limited village there is annihilation but the acute mountain ranges for company.
The cartography throughout the adventure shoots up so abruptly that they bandy off all calculations of ambit - what looked to be a ten-minute bridge calmly takes an hour or more. At times, it appeared as if so abounding of nature’s armament were admonishing us abroad at the abrupt slopes and uneasy bends and not to overlook the abundant chunks of ice actualization changeless and arctic in time. At Darbuk apple abreast Tangste Valley stood an alternation of war memorials with Regimental Insignias in celebration of the soldiers who absent their lives during the Indo-Chinese war of 1962. Some of the army bunkers and trenches are still in use. Villagers can be apparent actuality forth with their ample herds of Pashmina sheep and continued tailed yaks.
It is very rightly said that Pangong Lake is truly a paradise for the vacationers which will win over your heart over the vacationers.

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