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The Family Murders!

Posted on the 30 April 2014 by Calvinthedog

The Family Murders is the name for one of the most shocking serial killing cases in recent history involved a group of homosexuals, supposedly including physicians, attorneys and prominent businessmen, who were involved in picking up male hitchhikers, drugging them and sexually abusing them. In most cases the teenage boys were released, but in at least a few cases, they were murdered in some truly horrendous ways.

Accountant Bevan Spencer Von Einem, one of Australia’s most evil men to have surfaced in the past 35 years, is the only person who was ever charged with homicide in the case. He was convicted of the horrible torture-slaving of Richard Kelvin, age 15. He remains imprisoned for this crime to this day. He was also charged with the torture slayings of Alan Barnes, 17 and Mark Langley, 18.

The gay men reportedly used homosexual transvestites to lure the boys and young men into the van with offers of drugs. They were then drugged and sexually abused, apparently at a home that Von Einem and another man kept for this purpose. Some of the young men were kept alive for some time – maybe a week or two – tortured the whole time, and then killed.

Von Einem had apparently gone to medical school at one point, so he had enough medical knowledge to expertly chop up this young men with the style of a skilled surgeon. All young men were apparently heterosexuals hitchhiking with a taste for drugs. In the past few years, a now elderly gay chiropractor was convinced of abducting, drugging and raping young men in this case.

A number of other men, often prominent figures, have been named in the case, but no one else has ever been charged. Von Einem traveled in a wide circle of S/M minded homosexuals with a taste for “rough trade.” Many of these gay men and even a woman or two knew that Von Einem and his pals were picking up hitchhikers, drugging them, torturing them and raping them in a house that the men kept for this purpose. Whether they knew that some of these men were murdered is not known.

Apparently no one talked at the time, but after Von Einem’s arrest, quite a few folks involved in the case have come forward, always implicating Von Einem or others. At this point, many of these gay men are starting to die off and we are getting new deathbed confession-type evidence. Most of these men obviously were sexual sadists. Von Einem certainly is.

You can go to the Wiki article and read up on the case, the facts of which are utterly horrifying. This linked article shows recent developments in the case.

I have been studying this case for a very long time. I believe a few books have been written about it. Von Einem is also a suspect in the disappearances and probable sex murders of several children called the Beaumont Children and another case called the Adelaide Oval case where two young girls were abducted in broad daylight from a packed soccer stadium. A man was seen with both groups of children before they disappeared and it does seem to be the same man in both case. He does not resemble any of the listed suspects and to this day, no one knows who he is. I am confident that Von Einem is not involved in either of these cases.

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