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The. Eyes. Have: “It”.

By Jenrene

The older I get , the more I appreciate a  matured look.
It appears my looks have changed. My eyes are my strongest feature. But for most that have faith, this is true.
eyez have it

The most beautiful feature to date, has been though…



It just takes me some where. New.

And those who hear it’s nuances, as well.
Many tend to believe I am a little {stuck}on myself to take so many self portraits. Yet I  care less about that, and more about where my soul resides.

This intricate, blessed journey of finding resolve.. where my blog becomes my personal expression of  a journey to find my happiness. And getting back to happy is about a reflection of what makes me, ME.

And if happiness is found in my sense of vulnerability, as I begin to see myself in new light…

Then so be it.

And Selah.

And with every passing impression and imprint on my soul, I have arrived.

To become this woman of:  integrity, character and of Resolve.

My strength has grown,  Iv’e gathered pep in my step. my perspective has enlightened others (and myself) … and  who I have become, has blossomed all the more.

And it took LOTS  of vulnerability to get here.
And so the journey continues…

And  so even greater applause to my destined soul.

Matthew 6:22
The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light.(NASB)

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