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Posted on the 19 January 2012 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

As things stand, if you own an electric car, you face the obvious major problem of having to have it recharged.

For the time being then, a hybrid car remains the most practicable option for people who really need to get around a lot doing long journeys etc., but want to drive in an eco-friendly style.

Cars like the Honda Insight offer amazing mpg figures and aren’t much more than a conventionally fueled car to buy in the first place with prices starting at under £17,000.

But there are various developments happening already which mean that all-electric vehicles are becoming much more of a practical reality for most people, such as more recharging points in service areas.

electric charge point 205x300 The EV Network

At the moment, the c.100 mile daily range means the cars are ideal for most commuters. And as the technology improves, this will inevitably get longer – just as the recharging times will inevitably get shorter.

But one good initiative, which is already happening, is the EV Network. This meets the needs of electric vehicle owners as it provides a directory of charging points where the vehicles can be charged.

The network encourages the increased take-up of all types of electric vehicles by providing accurate information regarding where electric vehicle charge points exist across the country.

The EV Network aims to set up and maintain the most comprehensive listing of publicly available charge points available in the UK. Members currently have access to details of 200 locations across the UK where an electric car can be recharged. Each place has the facilities for at least one vehicle, but some have room for several; one even has facilities for over 100 vehicles!

The Network asks members to agree to provide access to their own charging points at home or in workplaces to other EV Network members. It is backed by both the UK’s Battery Vehicle Society and the G-Wiz Owners’ Club, as well as by the Environmental Transport Association and is recognised by the Department for Transport.

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