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The Euro – Update on Europe’s Financial Crisis.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Just a quick update on the fate of the Euro which I first wrote about on 11th July  - (Europe's Debt Crisis). At the time I didn’t pay any attention to the transiting Nodal Axis, however with panic starting to spread, it is time to see how they are having an effect on the European Currency. If you wish to see the Euro’s natal chart click the following link - Euro Currency

Eurocurrency transits

The whole problem stems from the Greek economy going into free fall - Greece's financial woe. In June, I reckoned that Greece would officially go bankrupt in November/December 2011, and I still stand by that timing. Interestingly when looking at the transiting Nodes against the Euro, there seems to be a close correlation between the two. Currently the transiting North Node is approaching a conjunction with natal Pluto. This is a critical time where major changes that have been in the pipeline, or things that have been put off for a while have to be activated. These are large undertakings, transformative ones. These changes with the Euro will be started in November 2011 when the conjunction takes place. Just before this, the transiting Nodal axis will square natal Mars. Will the ideas and solutions that come out of this crisis be over hasty?

The Nodes move clockwise around the chart, so the next contact with a natal planet will happen at the start of March 2012 when the South Node connects with natal Saturn. This is bad news and shows considerable weakness in the currency. I see this as the pre-cursor to transiting Pluto connecting with the Euro’s Sun in 2013, heralding the beginning of the end for the Euro as we know it.

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