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The Emasculation of GOP Masculinity

Posted on the 05 August 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Policies created through the exploitation of Conservative social phobias by Macho Misogynists, for the contentment of Xenophobes, Homophobes, and Gynephobes...oh! our wonderful world of Conservative White America! Good Ol' Boys, Right Wing Politics, and Good Olde Time Religion! How can you not like so much antiquity in this 21st Century? Supremacists only need apply! doves or girlie men allowed!!
To this sector of our society, the invincibility of American Exceptionalism, Red, White, and Blue Patriotism, the ghosts of the Gipper and John Wayne, and GI Joe can ultimately destroy Islam, save Christianity, and control the earth in their own design, all in name of God...'naturally'!
To the rest of the world, this aberration of our society is the "Ugly American" revisited, trying to push American influence even when not wanted. "Buckaroos", as known by their "Crazy Ivan" adversaries...ready for whatever conflict the US can stir up. Breaking a few treaties like in Iran after 2016 if possible, could be a start.
What is it with Republicans and Masculinity? through the years their top macho icons include J. Edgar Hoover and Roy Cohn...both, persecuted and prosecuted Gays throughout their professional careers...yet were lifelong closet gays, themselves! with Cohn at the end, dying of AIDS! Hypocrisy, a little Despotism, and Masculinity has always gone hand in hand...the need to prove their own manhood!
A violent society is a haven for Macho men, Hawks, Gun Lovers, Racists, and Degenerate Human Scum...and the GOP not only condones it...but encourage it! Just look at the cast of characters in the GOP's own reality show; "A 1,000 Clowns: The Great American Clown Challenge" aka "Republican Presidential Debates"
Who's really the Republican Macho Candidate after all?...with 17 cowards running, who's going to step up and defy the Right Wing, Tea lovers, Evangelical America, the good old South, and every batshit GOP leader? Who can take control and regain what the party has lost since the late 80s?...dissatisfied Republicans!
No one is going to really step up. With this cast of Political players, their character and their past will not allow them to change and still appear viable. The Donald? He's no Macho! just a pretender talking tough and attacking his opponents positions while exposing the failures of all their own issues...for Democrats, he's that gift that just keeps on giving!! It's all about that spotlight shining on his conceded egotistical face...'that' means more to him than any political issue.
And this year's cast of Republican Candidates? You can see the unstoppable disintegration of the Party of Lincoln, losers with no cojones to stand up against those who have ruined their Political Party. All macho wannabes in self-denial, puppets of the 1% whose own Political Masculinities are quickly being emasculated by all their sugar daddies!
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