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The Effect of Solar Eclipses – Danger Date 27th November 2011

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


The actions of Anders Behring Breivik in the last week made me go back and look at the 1st July solar eclipse and low and behold I found a link between his actions and the cardinal cross eclipse of 1st July 2011. Common wisdom in astrology says that at the very moment of the eclipse, the degrees where the planets are found are most important. When in the following weeks and months after an eclipse those degree points are revisited, bad things tend to happen. Solar eclipses through the ages have been known as harbingers of doom.

Now, the eclipse of 1st July had the following set-up. A cardinal cross with the Sun and Moon meeting at 9 degrees 12 Cancer. At the other corners of the cross we see Saturn at 10:43 Libra, Pluto, at 6:07 Capricorn and Uranus at 4:32 Aries. Also note that mars is linked to the Cardinal Cross by a wedge formation at 7:15 Gemini. All these degrees are danger zones and any future connection to them can set of difficult, even shocking events, because of the nature of the planets.


Uranus was moving forward on the day of the eclipse but went into retrograde motion (moving backwards) on Monday 11th July and revisited the degree point on Tuesday 19th, just 3 days before Breivik made his move. In my related piece about Breivik, (see link below), I noted how Uranus was the trigger for him to launch his attack on the people of Norway. The movement of Uranus was very slight but in my view significant.  Incidentally once Uranus returns to forward motion, it will revisit 4:32 Aries on 25th March 2012, another date to keep your eyes on. (**see below)

This coincidence made me start to look ahead to see if we will have any potential instances of this happening again in the future months as the other planets move around the chart. I then came upon the 27th November. In the original eclipse chart, Pluto is in retrograde, meaning it would stop reversing and start moving forward again and would hit that 6:07 Capricorn point at some date. It does on 27th November. Not only that, on 27th November, the Sun will be opposite the Solar eclipse Mars and trine the Solar eclipse Uranus. Finally, transiting Mars will be at  7 degrees Virgo, exactly square to it’s 7 degrees Gemini point of 1st July.


If we assume that the same effect will follow as happened with Uranus, then 27th November could be a very explosive time. Pluto is associated with mass destruction, elimination and cruel acts. Mars is tremendous force. The Sun’s relationship to Mars and Uranus over that time period could also be seen as a trigger point. The square between Pluto and Uranus which runs through until 2015 will still be firmly in place, and I think that some nasty event is almost bound to happen around that time. Where exactly on earth, and in what form is a question I cannot answer. Maybe it will be a destructive earthquake or an attack of some sort. All those details will be determined by the Ascendant and Midheaven degrees, as surely a malefic planet will be conjunct the Midheaven and/or Ascendant when any incident occurs. All I can say is the conditions look ripe for something to happen. Having looked at Astrology for many years and seen many nasty events connected to Solar Eclipses, I thought it best to point out the potential of what may occur.

SolarEclipse 27th Nov

Those of us in astrology are not doom mongers. I work with the facts of the planetary placements and work with evidence of what has happened in the past, to point us in the direction of what could happen in the future. On seeing this future potent connection with the past solar eclipse 3 weeks ago, and seeing the shocking events of what happened in Norway last Friday, I see it as a moral duty to point out anything that I see in the future. Hopefully someone more clever than myself can work out what may happen in November as the planets line up to revisit those dangerous degree zones.

Do you have any views on what could happen? Please leave your comments below, they are truly valued and appreciated.  

** I have seen and predicted the exact duration of personal relationships who met under the same type of Uranus transit, the couple met as Uranus was moving forward, were temporarily separated as Uranus then retrograde passed the same degree point, and finally split several months later as it revisited the degree point (moving forward) for a final time .

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