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The Devious American Project to Colonize the Entire EU

Posted on the 27 June 2014 by Calvinthedog

The latest from The Saker. All of these insane free trade treaties are like this. They are all always negotiated in completely secrecy, and the votes themselves are often secret, unexpected, and done without any warning.

Fast-track is insanity. Fast-track says you cannot add any amendments to the Free Trade Crap. The only reason the US Government Scum put this is in is because all of the amendments would be coming from the Left: these amendments are to protect US workers, consumers, the environment, and the rights of the US government to stand up to corporations.

As it is, this lunatic agreements elevate corporations to the status of sovereign states and allow corporations to sue actual states for such horrors as having worker and consumer protection laws, environmental laws, etc. If any corporation is limited in its profits by these laws, the laws are considered to be a “trade barrier” and the corporation can sue the actual state for forbidding its God-given and above-all right to the maximum profits it can possibly obtain.

It is hard to understand why any decent citizen of any state would support such an insane agreement. Of course, if you are a corporate whore, you would support these anti-people, anti-democracy corporate totalitarian agreements, but corporate whores aren’t even human beings in my opinion. I don’t know what they are, but they sure aren’t people!

It is a fact that almost 100% of conservatives support these insane anti-patriotic agreements that allow foreign powers, not even state powers, but the corporations of rival states and competitors of US corporations to push the US government around. Why any conservative “patriot” would support such anti-patriotic and treasonous madness is beyond me. There is a section of the Right that I might call the “Populist Right” that opposes these agreements. I don’t like these people very much, but they are superior to corporate dogs. If we can make alliance with them to oppose these treasonous agreements, let’s do it.

In addition, all negotiations about all free trade agreements have been done in secret with severe penalties for anyone leaking data. The sick corporate media (which has supported every free trade agreement ever done and supports fast track) does its part by simply refusing to report on these free trade agreements until they have already passed.

The reason the US Free Press (TM) does not report on them is they figure if news about these agreements gets out, the majority of the US public will be so horrified that they will turn against the agreements. So they do it in secret, vote on it in secret, won’t allow us to amend it and then present it as a wonderful fait accompli.

The only deviations from this censorship (refusal to cover) is when countries sensibly enough back out of these deals. The corporate media is then filled with all sorts of crap about how this nation will suffer horrifying economic effects from their patriotic refusal to support the nation-selling agreement. And any nation that ratifies the treaty is treated to many a stupid article saying how their economy is going to boom now that the country-selling agreement has been signed.

The propaganda is so intense that it is amazing that anyone opposes these agreements at all. This is a rightwing country – the most rightwing nation on Earth – so any real opposition must come from the Right. And to this I must thank the Ross Perot Populist Right, though I don’t like them very much – for opposing these country-selling deals. There has been enough opposition on the Populist Right that now a large % of Americans oppose all free trade agreements the US has with anyone.

Fast-track also means that the deal must be voted on without any debate. This is an incredible provision. Why on Earth would anyone support Congress voting on something without even debating it? The truth is that it is the same reason as above. The Political Scum are afraid that if they debate the deal, the American people, when hearing about it, will be horrified (and logically so) and they will oppose it. So it must be done in secret and shoved down our throats.

Conservatives support this? If conservatives support this, then most conservatives are simply traitors and hate democracy. One of the main pillars of conservatism (which by definition supports aristocratic rule over popular rule) is hatred of democracy. Show me one conservative anywhere who supports democracy.

The reason is because conservatives have always known that the masses oppose most of the conservative project, as the masses oppose aristocratic rule and support popular rule. So conservatives never like to put their project to a real vote of the people as they know how it would turn out. Hence voter suppression laws, fast-track bills, mass corporate media propaganda brainwash, marriage of the corporate and state sectors, death squads, military and Nazi coups, rightwing dictatorships, on and on.

The fact that the corporate media always supports these blatantly anti-democratic deals shows what all of us have known: every major paper, newsmagazine and TV or radio news station hates democracy and favors aristocratic rule over popular rule. Your favorite media outlet is your enemy. You need to turn it off.

It is interesting that both political parties have always supported every anti-democratic, nation-selling free trade act. This shows that both parties are treasonous traitors to the homeland and both parties absolutely hate democracy and support aristocratic (corporate aristocrats in this case) rule and oppose popular rule.

The fact that both Clinton and Obama supported these deals shows that neither man can possibly be a liberal. They are both rightwingers, albeit less rightwing than Republicans. They both support aristocratic rule and oppose popular rule or democracy. And Democratic Party liberals are just as traitorous as the conservatives.

The horrifying Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership or TTIP which no doubt you have never heard of as the Free Press (TM) has for some odd reason refuse to report on it in order to deliberately keep you in the dark, is a free trade pact between the US and Europe. It is a catastrophe for all of the sovereign European peoples. This is simply a project to allow the US, especially the Wall Street banksters, to colonize all of Europe. Many European firms and even industries will be completely destroyed only to be replaced by US firms. It’s a suicide pact for every European nation that signs it.

So why are all the European states behind it? Because there are no more nationalist states in Europe. Every European state now is a colony of the US. And as you know, colonial regimes always acquiesce in the further rape and ruin of the homeland by the colonizer. All colonial administrations are made up of traitors and country-sellers. So it is that every EU nation is controlled by a treasonous, nation-selling elite.

The nationalist upsurge in the lastest EU elections, much lamented by the liberal/Left as the victor of “racists” was probably a good thing in the long run. The only non-country-sellers, the only real lovers of the homeland, the only true patriots left in Europe, are in the form of these rightwing nationalist parties. The Left has gone over to internationalist country-selling and treason when they are not whoring for corporate capital. The ruling parties of these nations are parties that support the US colonization of the sacred homelands.

On to the Saker!

A Telling Illustration About the Real Nature of the US-EU Relationship

Dear friends,

Very little is really know about the inner workings of the US-EU relationship and the corporate media only serves us the official and completely meaningless propaganda line. During the war in Korea, General MacArthur’s insane threats to use nuclear weapons did trigger something of an European revolt (unlike the US, Europe was well within reach of Soviet bombers, including those with nuclear weapons). Could the absolute insanity of what is taking place in the Ukraine also trigger a European awakening? Could the European elites ever find it in themselves to stand up to the almighty Uncle Sam?

Check out the short article below which, I think, is an amazing illustration of the real nature of the US-EU relationship.

This article was translated from French into English by the same wonderful people who are the editors of vineyardsaker.fr, the French-language “mirror+” (“plus” because it has more than just translations of what is posted here). To them, yet again, I owe a big “merci les amis!”.

Kind regards,

The Saker
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: negotiations between Brussels and Washington

The following information refers to the way in which the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is being negotiated between Brussels and Washington. We use the term “Brussels” because indeed, it is being negotiated between the European Commission and the United States, not between the member states and the United States. The latter is currently imposing a non-disclosure of the proposition negotiations to the member states, under the pretense that the federal government of the United States does not disclose the European propositions to the individual governments of its federated states.

The only way by which the European Commission has shared these propositions with its member states has been unacceptable: through “documents reserve rooms” where individuals can consult the American files, on the payment of a fee and within a strict set of regulations: no copying, photography, or writing instruments are allowed in the room. Only two individuals are allowed in the reserve room at once, and for a limited time.

Under these conditions, the administrative services of the member states will not have the capacity to analyze the American proposition: despite a maximum capacity to “screen” the information made available, one administration at a time, too many of the weak links will remain overlooked: no one is immune from missing the important lines, placed where they are least expected it or purposefully hidden, which may produce serious risks for either our exportation practices, or in terms of importation.

Up to now it was assumed that, even if individual citizens could not participate in the negotiation processes, the interests of each member state would be defended through the analytical work of each ministry on their particular register of issues. The rigidity of the US on the question of confidentiality leaves all decision taking to the European Commission; when one looks upon the results on display in Canada, it’s very concerning.

Besides, the operative argument shows that the United States have not understood the structure of the European Union: how can we negotiate under such conditions, when they are projecting their institutional reality upon us?

We need to alert the general public about these procedures of negotiations, which are much more serious than the non-communication of the mandate (which was negotiated by the member states after an analysis by the services of each state).

Europeans have no idea to what extent they are being colonized, in the strict sense of the word, by the United States. This information should be disseminated as broadly as possible, as it is eye-opening. Even if it is probably already too late…

Jean-Paul Baquiast

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