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The Deliberate Politics of Ideological Polarization

Posted on the 07 October 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
The Deliberate Politics of Ideological Polarization...or the "How to Hate thy Neighbor for Dummies" Political Handbook.
There are Sinister entities within our American Society, doing whatever it takes...exploiting the historical ignorance and immorality in our American Culture...with serious efforts and $$$ behind the Extreme Right Wing's reemergence as a quasi Populist Movement, and with all the public support from the KKK, the White Arian Nation, every neo-nazi skin head freak, and every asshole psychopath loser who wants to break out for his 15 minutes and shout; "Look Ma! I'm on top of the world"!!
And naturally, with the love, appreciation, and support from the NRA, the Gun Industry, and all their little Biotch Politicos running through the halls of Congress and the halls of the Supreme Court.
Want to make good $$$? Guns, guns, and more guns! Inundate the market and permit the chaos to develop! Want to separate the races? The backlash of the eyes of Christian White America...putting up with the Blacks since the 60s was enough, but now a Black President?!?!
It was no surprise that McConnell & Company said how they truly felt about a Black man, when it was decided that sinking this nation economically would be better than living under a Black President. It's all about Racism, folks! one would have put up with this ahh! "stuff", if it were a White President!
In this case, it's not just about "Politics"'s about setting a ugly and evil subliminal statement for good old fashioned Racism and Hate to publicly resurface out of the closet, rise up, and hit the streets with hateful rhetoric and hate filled slogans!
An Evangelically infused Republican Party supporting the causes for hate and fear...the Black Community, the Gay community, the Latino Community...their obsession with controlling the Right of a Woman's Body over the woman's own wishes, itself. Their hatred and disdain for Immigrants of all kinds, for the poor, for the sick, and their obsession with making the United States a theocratic Christian Nation!
The Politics of instigating hate, taking the position of the Perpetrator over the Victim!...unless the victim happens to be White-Anglo, then they'll fight for his or her rights till Hell freezes over! It's all the immorality and moral hypocrisy in today's Conservatism of "Me" honor of Ronnie "Bonzo" Reagan, and 'trickled' down to the public by the greed and unholy ways of the Republican Party!
Screw the victims in New Jersey with Hurricane Sandy! right, Lindsay Graham?...but when it happens in South Carolina? Wow!! now you want $$$ for your State?...but first my friend, say you're sorry, you're going to have to hug it out with Obama!...and actually touch him, like Chris Christie! With all his phony charm and baby blue eyes, being honest in a Public Demonstration of kissing the Boss's ass, can only make him look human in the eyes of today's public!
Is it coincidence the the polarization between Conservative and Liberal ideologies in America today, is as wide as the Income Disparity between the Classes? Probably not a coincidence!...but that's for another story.
All the mass shootings in Schools, in Churches, all the Police Shootings of unarmed people, the future of our country dying senselessly...and the only concern from the Republicans is..."Stuff Happens"?? Let's arm everybody!!
Yea! Lives 'do' matter! all lives matter!...whether Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Women, Christian, Muslim, or Jewish!...all lives matter. How many children have to die for a moral person to say enough is enough? How many innocent unarmed people have to die by Police Gunfire for an apathetic nation to wake up and smell the coffee? Arming a Nation to protect itself from each other? Maybe if one or two of those unarmed victims of Police execution shootings had a gun, he would still be alive? But, then they'll get arrested for shooting a cop! It's all a one-sided game, all legal under the who gets the guns?
The culture of a hypocritical gun loving Christian Conservative America...Pro-life Anti-abortion godly holy rollers, save the Baby!! but when he or she grows up? Shoot the Son of a Bitch!!
The Cult Of The Second Amendment

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