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The Debates (This Has to Do with Music, I Swear...)

Posted on the 04 October 2012 by Floydian42 @Floydian42
Uggh. That's all I have to say. Normally, I try listening to both Fox News and NPR everyday to stay current but today I simply don't want to. What happened? There can be no lie, I'm very, very pro Obama. But where was he? The things Obama let Romney get away with saying? And he just stood there with a frustrated grin, and let Romney cut him off and tear him to shreds.
I don't even feel like researching the details right now, the whole ordeal is just getting me frustrated. Maybe if this was a politics oriented blog, I'd push myself to do it. But as it stands, IDK, I just need to rant about it and move on with my day, and try my best to not get too distracted with my ever growing fear of how this election is going to turn out.
I was increasingly worried up until the conventions. When the conventions happened, I was pretty damn sure Obama had this in the bag. Considering the last round of debates in 2008, fear of Obama not wiping the floor with Romey didn't even register. Then there was the whole 47% comment of Romney's, and any ember of fear was gone. But then last night came.
President Obama, you got two more tries. Get your head in the game. America still needs change.

(Note: This isn't me, just a really good cover I heard on youtube)

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