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Sunday Song #1: A Memory to the Coast

Posted on the 28 January 2013 by Floydian42 @Floydian42

This is the first song in what I hope to be a new project called "Sunday Songs," which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I'd like to post a new original song every Sunday, assuming I can curb this writers blog. Since I'm fitting writing and recording these songs sometime during my week, these songs are far from polished. This first song for example was written and recorded in the span of four hours yesterday.

Perhaps this is a bit of a grim note to start this project on. "A Memory to the Coast" was written initially in an attempt to strip down to a more basic style of writing, more melodically driven, but it got out of hand pretty quick. It's a rough mix and the vocal tracks are very rough, but try to look past the shaky performance and let me know what you think. Here's the lyrics for you:

All my friends are at the strip clubs getting high
and I can't bring myself to smoke
Sitting home I feel like I am getting sick
I'm drifting off all alone

Coz' everytime your out the demons beat my head

Chain me to a safe and drop me in the sea
Each time I get closer to running out of air
But look into the water and find me there

Just take a breath, you'll fight them off again

Every step you take, farther from the waves
Don't look away, we'll take you somewhere safe
Just close your eyes, it's time to take a break

But everytime I leave demons kick my head

Leave me to the water to amount to nothing more
A memory to the coast I cannot bare
Just look into the water and see me there

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