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The Day I Aged 20 Years

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Like most people, I think of the most random things while I’m running, biking and swimming. My mind takes these weird turns that I am positive would not happen if I was hanging out at home making muffins. Most of the time I am thinking about how much longer I have to endure the workout or where I can find the nearest bathroom, but sometimes I get in this detached mental state full of deep thoughts.

Today’s specialty random thought was: I wonder what kind of pace Philippides kept while he was running the first ever marathon from the Battle of Marathon to Athens. I know he was delivering pertinent information about the war, so he was on a mission.  He must have been keeping a pretty good pace since he died at the end. Too bad he wasn’t wearing a Garmin that archeologists could have dug up and charged to find out his stats.

Being so random, I had to think back as to why this popped into my head. Of all things, I was listening on my iPod to an old Cat Stevens song where he sings in Greek and voila! Please tell me I am not the only person who goes into weird thought processes while out on the roads. I do know I am the only person who still listens to Cat Stevens.

Following are a few random pictures from the week. Some ugly, some sweet, some pointless.

Picture #1: On Saturday some friends and I did a long brick workout. We started with a mile open water swim, followed by a 60 mile bike, then a 9.3 mile run. Coincidentally, this ended up being exactly 70.3 miles (totally unintended mileage, but cool nonetheless). This is a picture of me transitioning from the bike to the run. I am indeed proud to look 20 years older than I really am. That natural wave in my hair is due to reservoir water + e-coli.


Picture #2: Please tell me my kids are not the only ones who still my phone and take selfies for no reason. I found this one today.


Picture #3: If you have ever wondered or cared why I am so nutty (and crude), look no further than my own hilarious dad. This was on Saturday night at a fundraiser/silent auction we went to. The red light saber I am holding is to commemorate our dead dog, Lucky, who always had his lipstick hanging out if you know what I mean.


Picture #4: On Sunday we finally got to return to the spot of one of our favorite trail runs. Heil Ranch in Boulder County has been closed since September due to the big 100 year flood. It finally opened back up a couple of weeks ago.


Picture #5: After coming home from the run, a friend posted this picture on Facebook. Guess where it was taken? Heil Ranch on Sunday soon after we were there. Cute baby bear cubs become not so cute when mama bear shows up and eats you.


Picture #6: This last picture is not from this week, but is to honor my dear husband on our 19th wedding anniversary, which is today! June 17, 1995. Columbia, Maryland. Best decision I ever made.



How many years have you been married? Where were you married? 19 years, my parent’s backyard, Columbia, MD.

What do you think about (mostly) when you run? Lots of times I also plan dinner and make grocery lists. If I’m pissed about something, I’ll perseverate on that for a bit.


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