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The Day After...

By Yonni @vegandthecity

There is a saying that there are two kinds of people: those who eat to live and those who live to eat. I don’t live to eat but I do think about food A LOT. Sometimes it’s what I want for lunch, sometimes it’s about what I should make for dinner, and often it is whether or not I ate too much at either lunch or dinner! Despite what I do to exercise ~ treadmill, soul cycle, resistance training ~ gaining weight is surely easier for me than losing, but I have come to find a system that really works for me! The Day After... For one, being vegan has been helpful. Though I can still go overboard on chips and guacamole or sweet vegan goodies, a healthy track to follow overall has been key. A hearty salad full of greans, beans, sundried tomato and corn goes a longer way to keeping you full than a big bowl of pasta. If you want to snack, fine ~ don’t deprive yourself, but go with fresh fruit, non-processed foods, or things that are baked. Everyone loves a french fry but not your waistline, so limit that treat! I don’t believe you find lasting success in making drastic changes to your eating habits and swinging back and forth between strict low calories and pure indulgence, but juice cleanses, for 1 day or 3, can really help you to jump start and recharge your body and mind into healthier decision making. The weight you lose is really just water, but it’s a great way to reset and doesn’t take long. There are so many options for cleanses these days, and so many of them deliver! If you belong to a gym, or have a gym at home, you have access to all you need for the non-food part of your maintenance. If not, don’t fret! For less than $100 you buy the X-factor by Weider home gym. It’s a cable system that fits over your door and allows you dozens of different exercises at all different levels, from weighted squats to upright rows and more. I have one as my trainer recommended it and it’s awesome! I also have a love-hate relationship with a 20 lb. kettle bell that is great for upper body sculpting (but proper form is critical or you will surely hurt your back) and medicine balls are also a favorite for more intense core work. For recipes and other food ideas, “like” The Trendy Vegan on Facebook or, if you haven't already, add your email to and get all of my posts right to your inbox!

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