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The Creative Blogger Award & One Lovely Blog Award

By Mleonardo18

First of all, I am very sorry if this post is incredibly late, but hey, better late than never!

Thanks Medley and Jen for nominating me!


I received this nomination from Medley, so thank you!

Award Rules:

✿ Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify them via their blog/social media

✿ Thank and post the link of the person who nominated you

✿ Share 5 facts about yourself

5 Facts About Me:

✿ When I was younger, I used to collect cute stationeries and envelopes and I still have them until now. No, I’m not going to throw away my Meteor Garden (a Taiwanese drama that I got hooked to back in 2001) stationeries! LOL

✿ 2 games that I got addicted to during my early teenage years were Maple Story and Audition. I miss playing these games :(

✿ When I was a kid, I would always buy beads and nylons so I could make my own bracelets and necklaces.

✿ I collect earrings – pearls, anything big, and dangling earrings, but not hoops.

✿ I’ve been hooked to Supernatural ever since I started watching it.

I nominate:

1. Gracie 

2. Laura

3. MascaraOnTheRun 

4. Maggie 

5. Alice 

6. Joy 

7. Heather 

8. BeginnerBeaute 

9. Lauren 

10. CornfedContessa 

11. Alyssa 

12. Samantha 

13. LeCamillera 

14. Lipstick and Pizza 

15. MissWhitesMakeupDesk 

✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪


I received this nomination from Jen! Thanks again for nominating me. I have received quite a few nominations from you already!

Award Rules:

✿ Thank the person who nominated you by responding with a blog post in regard to the award.

✿ Use the One Lovely Blog Award Logo

✿ Nominate 10 blogs that you read regularly and notify the blogger of their nomination.

I nominate: 

1. Jen

2. Raine

3. Daisy and Charlotte 

4. Emma 

5. Naomi 

6. Alice 

7. The Beautorialist 

8. Sofia 

9. Tanya

10. Karen 

✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪  ✪

P.S. Not sure if you’ve been nominated for any of these awards already, but I still think that you deserve it!

The Creative Blogger Award & One Lovely Blog Award

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