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"The Crack of Salamis"

By Kels_chaz22 @kels_chaz22
Over Thanksgiving I got to spend a lot of quality time with my family which was lovely. I hope your holiday was great too!! I told you that I was making Rachel Zoe's famous salami recipe as shown on her Bravo TV show, The Rachel Zoe project. Just like on the show, it was a hit! The best part? It's SUPER easy. I forgot to take pictures the entire time, but don't worry, it's so easy you would have to try to mess it up!

Ingredients:  Hebrew National Kosher Salami"Saucy Susan", Duck Sauce, or Orange/Apricot MarmaladeOptional: Honey Mustard
Step 1: Buy Ingredients! Step 3: Set oven to broil Step 3: Partially slice salami into thin roundsStep 4: If you choose to, mix 1/4 cup Honey Mustard with  1 1/2 cups sauce of your choiceStep 5: Slather salami with your sauce (I used orange marmalade) until it is covered Step 6: Put salami in oven and cook until browned on top (about 45 minutes)
Step 7: ENJOY!
My suggestions: Be generous with the marmalade, but don't overdo it!
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