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The Continued Harassment By The RCMP Over Traditional Territory

Posted on the 09 October 2013 by Earth First! Newswire @efjournal

from West Coast Native News

The RCMP continue to harass Sinixt Members for using and occupying our traditional territory. Last month a local woodlot operator stole approx 4 truckloads of our cut and split firewood which was cut for our elders and our ceremonial pithouse in Vallican. Some members confronted the woodlot operator when caught red-handed stealing our wood. The load of wood was taken back from the operator, a few days later 15 RCMP officers come to our camp to arrest our members with “assualt and robbery” for taking our firewood back. The only person who attempted to injure anyone was the woodlot operator himself.

It seems that the RCMP and woodlot operator are unaware of the many court cases regarding “Crown Land” and “Crown Timber” and that indigenous people in “Canada” hold rights to cut timber for firewood, sustenance, traditional and ceremonial uses anywhere on “Crown Land” even it is in a woodlot.
Our members still remain free and are looking at pursuing charges against the woodlot operator for theft and charges against the RCMP for harrasment.

Just last week Slocan RCMP officers came to the Sinixt Nation‘s Chief’s house to investigate an “anonymous” yet “reliable” tip of the Sinixt encampment stockpiling weapons and occupants wearing bullet-proof vests.

“This is just a completely ridiculous accusation and proves the ignorance and stupidity of the people we are dealing with, said Headman (chief) Bob Campbell, we continue to peacefully occupy and use Slhu7kin/Perry Ridge in its entirety as our ancestors have since time-immemorial.”


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