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Posted on the 03 September 2011 by Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

The Business Gypsy ChameleonIn this tough economy, you need to be flexible.  If you have a rigid business plan in place, without any room for change, you are destined to fail. Successful companies know that when things start to get stale, you need to evaluate the business and re-structure if necessary.   As a Business Gypsy, my business ventures are always changing and the way I run my business will differ from month to month, along with my services.  If you are fluid in your business practices, money will flow your way.

Flexibility with Clients

No two clients are the same, so do not treat them the same.  One client may love a product, another may hate it.  One consumer might be filthy rich and another in a low-income tax bracket.  Every one is different, so your business must be flexible to work with all of the different consumers.  If there is a product that is popular with one demographic, try to work with the other demographic so your services meet their needs and budget.  If a client can only afford a single service that usually comes in a package, go ahead and sell it to them!  If a customer places a large order, give them a discount!  It will only make your business look consumer friendly and it will bring in additional profit.

Altering and Adding of Services

The likes and dislikes of consumers is always changing.  Our society is so fast paced that one day you are in and the next you are out. If a product or service is not bringing in the consumer base or profit that you wanted it to, it is time to change it up.   Look at your business and see what products or services can be integrated and/or dropped to keep things fresh in the eyes of the public.  If a client suggests a product or service, research it and try it out!  If you keep up the fast pace of business, you will only succeed.

Change Marketing Strategy

Is your store empty?  Business Slow?  It might be time to look at your marketing strategy and shake it up!  Get rid of the dusty signs and revamp your logo to attract a broad spectrum of clients.  Instead of just marketing online, get out and try some grassroots marketing.  Hold an open house and offer free samples!  This will keep your current consumers coming back and bring in new clients and revenue!

To stay relevant in this ever-changing economy, you need to make sure that you continue to improve your flexibility with clients, change-up your marketing strategy when needed, and never stop trying new services or products to keep your clients interested.  Being in tune with your consumer base is one of the most important things in business, so continuing to change with your consumer is a wise thing to do.

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