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The Big Move #FlashbackFriday

By Mummyoftwo @RaspberryGiggle

Just over two years ago we moved away from our home and everything that was familiar to us.  OK so we didn’t move far, only an hour and a half away, however, with everyone leading busy lives it can often feel like a million miles!

Big Mr A had got himself a new job and had been commuting each week, staying with my Mum and Stepdad, whilst Little Mr A and I would stay at home.  It was hard.  Little Mr A missed his Daddy and I struggled with working 3 days a week and having to look after Little Mr A and a house on my own.

We tried in vain to sell our house so eventually decided enough was enough.  We would have to rent it out.  We luckily found great tenants very quickly and found somewhere to live in Hull.

At first it was really exciting to be moving somewhere new and all the adventures we would have.  I had been lucky enough to find a job at a local solicitors and, for a while, we got used to city living.

Four or five months in though and I hated where we were.  I’d never lived in a city before and couldn’t get used to it at all.  We were looking at schools for Little Mr A and I didn’t feel comfortable sending him to any we looked at.  They were all huge!  Most bigger than the secondary school I went to.

I was also pregnant and knew I didn’t really want to bring up a baby in the City.  We started to look for somewhere else to live just outside the City and found a lovely house around 8 miles from the centre.

Six months after we moved, we moved again.  Little Mr A coped really well and, for him, it was just one big adventure after another!

We have been here now for just over 18 months and, although I feel more settled than before, it isn’t home and it never will be.  It is very difficult to fit in when you aren’t local and both Big Mr A and I are feeling very homesick.

Big Mr A has now got a job back not far from where we used to live so we are intending on moving back home towards the end of the year.  Who knows whether we will be back in the same house we left or somewhere different.  What I do know is I can’t wait to go home!

I am glad we made the move as so much has happened to our little family for the better, which probably wouldn’t have if we had stayed where we were.  Big Mr A has come on leaps and bounds in his career which has meant I don’t have to work and, most importantly, we have a new addition to the family!

I do sometimes worry what people might think about us moving home.  Will they see it as a failure?

I really admire people who can take that plunge and move away from everyone and everything they know and love.  I really don’t know how people have the courage to move to a different country altogether!



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