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The Best Advice On How To Be A Great Friend

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

The Best Advice On How To Be A Great Friend

We all value our friendships in life. Friendships have a way of making everything better. They makes the good times great, and the hard times easier. A song can sound better when it’s sung with a friend. Even a meal can taste better if it’s eaten amongst friends!  The best kinds of friend know exactly what to say and when to say it. They’re honest, supportive, and share our sense of humor. We usually know exactly what we look for in a friend but do we know how to be a good one ourselves? Being a great friend can be far more difficult than simply getting along with someone or having things in common. Our friends need to know that they can rely on us even if things aren’t going well. There are a few tried and tested ways to make yourself a valuable friend at any age to anyone. The better we are as a friend, the more likely we are to attract better friends of our own.


Honesty is often named as the most important trait in a friend. But what do we mean exactly? Do we really want someone to tell us we look tired or hungover? Do we genuinely hope that someone would say to us that we are being stupid or that our new relationship is bad news? In general, we really do want honesty. But a big part of honesty isn’t just what you say, it is how you say it. You can’t use the word honesty as a way to hide behind meanness or jealousy. True honesty has to come from a genuine wish to benefit and support the other person. If a friend has asked you for an honest opinion on an outfit, for example, of course we should give it. But deliberately hurting their feelings or damaging their confidence by claiming to be honest is a fast way to end up all alone. If you truly feel it is not the right outfit for them, say so, but frame it positively. Maybe the shape looks great but a different color would go better with their eyes. Maybe you like their new boyfriend’s sense of humor but think your friend should get to know him a little better. We should always try to give our honest opinion when asked for it, but be guided by affection for your friend and your wish to see them happy. Honesty can still be tactful and constructive.

The Awkward Times

True friendship needs to stay just as strong during times that aren’t happy and fun. Our friend may need support with a healthy condition, for example, or after losing a job. They may just need a sympathetic ear when they’ve made a silly or embarrassing mistake. Try not to be too judgemental and always have a practical solution where possible. Your friend might have a really awkward situation like a pregnancy scare or an STD infection. Try to support them but also find a nearby clinic near you, for example. Help them to take control and be there for them when they need it. You might be very glad when he or she returns the favour some day.

Making Time

Gifts and events are always fun, but the thing that will strengthen your friendship the most is making time for one another. However busy you are, or however long you have to wait to see each other, try to plan ahead and look forward to the date. When you are with them, give them your full attention. Put the phone away, people!

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The Best Advice On How To Be A Great Friend

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The Best Advice On How To Be A Great Friend

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