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The Beauty of Adoption

By Jenrene

Well, it’s  November.. which is National Adoption  Month! And… I have a surprise! I was gonna keep it a secret, but decided to share, anyway. Here’s how the revelation came that I could. My husband and I were walking in the park this past weekend, and we decided since we are so close, to begin sharing about our little miracle on the way.

We had been keeping a lot quiet for the past year… just because… but the more we wait and anticipate, the more we  get excited about it. My hubbs interviewed me recently.. Here is a link to the video…

Notice, if you will -  the vulnerability in my voice and the absolute JOY on my face when I speak of her! Life is good. I cannot imagine the joy of having a little girl around. It’s so funny, because  I really didn’t even  want a little girl about  15 years ago, (I wanted all boys!) But now, I  cannot imagine a life with a little girl. I think it may have been having Dosha, (our only daughter) grace my life.  And there’s just something that’s quite admirable in a man when he is spending time with his daughter. Although  Dosha is not my biological child, she has such personality and I realize how much I can impact the world in being a woman and being an example in her life about what that means. To touch another woman’s life and to have her emulate the God in me, as a woman and be as compassionate as I am about  being a woman, will change lives –  I just know it will.

There’s so much to learn about being a parent. At times, I tend to wonder  what kind of mom  I will be. I will only know once it happens, though. I have so many friends whose lives have been enriched and divinely changed after becoming moms. I love the softness that come over a mom when she  talks to her child and the warmth that exudes from her.

We debated over an over for a while about whether to foster or to adopt and I decided that fostering would be too hard for me. To in vest emotionally in a child’s life, then not be able to  have her to not continue to be a part of our everyday lives would be too hard, I thought. And my husband, as  gracious and kind as he is – decided that after three teenagers, he would   take another chance at being a dad. And a wonderful father, he is.

Stay tuned and I’ll continue to  share the joys, thoughts and  blessings on the way!  And mothers, if you desire to share your joys as well   in anticipation of  some of the challenges I shall experience, then please share, cause Ill need all the wisdom I can gather!

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