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The Beauty Blender- How to Use/ How to Clean :D

By Januarycusp

Hi everyone!

Happy Happy Saturday to all!

Like I said, I'm back with a detailed review of the Beauty Blender. Now before I start raving about the very famous, the very popular & super-talked about holy-grail product of every makeup-fanatic on this planet, I just wanted to talk a bit about my next post. If you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen how amazingly pretty it looks, and yes, I'm talking about the Vera Wang Princess Set. It comes in an absolutely dreamy packaging, and smells like ..well, you'll have to wait for the next post to know more about it, right? :P

Anyhow, did you know that the original Beauty Blender can actually be used with foundations, primers, blushes, highlighters, contour creams & just pretty much everything! Whaaaat! I love my Beauty Blender even more now! It's truly living up to the hype that has been created around it. I've been reading about it for the longest time, and everyone swears that none, and LITERALLY none of the dupes work as good as the original one. So, here I was, a newbie under 2 weeks to the Big City of Toronto, heading straight to Sephora, at the Eaton Centre. Now, don't get me wrong, there's Sephora in New Delhi as well, but Oh-Em-Geee- everything at the Sephora here is wayyyy better. They have a fantabulous selection- I mean I cannot possibly describe how I restrained myself from splurging too much, or rather even deciding what to splurge on. Actually splurge is the word that my husband would use. For me, shopping at Sephora would always be about necessities. >:D

Anyhow, my Sephora Haul can be talked about some other day, mostly because I didn't buy a lot of stuff. But I just couldn't pass up on getting my lovely Beauty Blender. Trust me, the moment I set my eyes on it- it was like a moment out of a fairytale. I could see tiny, shining stars all around it, inviting me to get it that, very second. And that'd what I did. Haha. =^-^=

Honestly, I was more excited for it because my Reception Ceremony was to be held on 20th June, & I wanted to use a Beauty Blender. Needless to say, it gave a flawless application on that day. The newbie that I'm to makeup products, anything that makes my task easy is more than welcome in my stash. And my Beauty Blender does exactly that. Let's talk more about its usage & cleaning now, before I keep chatting & chatting away. (Oh & by the way, I haven't received the pictures from my Wedding Reception yet from my Photographer; but when I do, I'd duly update my Instagram & Facebook. Don't forget to check that out! :D )


This sponge is meant to be used wet. So get it under tap-water, & keep squeezing it to remove the excess water. It would grow in size, like literally double up as compared to how it was initially. Honestly, I knew about this, but even so, when I was paying for it, some part of my head kept screaming- it's so small. Are you sure you'd be able to use it all over your face? Are you sure this will actually grow in size? Will this really be worth all this? Just look at the size, damn it. :P

The Beauty Blender- How to Use/ How to Clean :D
Size of the Beauty Blender, once damp

So yea, when I saw how big it became once wet, I was like- ooh yeaaaa! ^^' See for yourself, for I have placed it next to the container in which it's initially packed. It's kept inside that box, but it definitely sizes up & gets way too big for that container once wet. Already gets you excited to use it, right?

The Beauty Blender- How to Use/ How to Clean :D
The actual size
The Beauty Blender- How to Use/ How to Clean :D
Once it's damp & grows in size

Anyhow, once it grows under water and has been squeezed a couple of times, it has to be further towel dried. Yes, you must ensure that all the excess water has been removed before dipping it into the foundation of your choice. I know, I know this seems like a million steps- but it really takes less than 45 seconds to do all of this & then you're ready to witness the magic of this pretty, pink egg. :roll:

-You have to remember not to put the foundation directly on the Beauty Blender. Either take a small amount on your hand and then dip the Beauty Blender before blending it on your face; Or dot the foundation all over your face & neck & start blending away.

I like to put my foundation in spots all over my face & gently start blending all of them outwards with my Beauty Blender. Make sure that you move in a soft, stippling motion as opposed to dragging & blending your foundation. Mere stippling & blending would give an even finish in seconds, which is way less than the time I used to take when I used a flat foundation brush. Once you've covered your entire face & neck, look for any problem areas. If there're any spots or blemishes, simply use your concealer & blend it away with the Beauty Blender. Voila- you'd be done with your face in a much shorter time, and the application would be flawless. I often struggled with streaky lines whilst using a brush hence I'm definitely loving what I see, when I use my Beauty Blender. Plus, if you ask me, I'd prefer a flawless, dewy face to a full face of makeup anyday. So, for me, my Beauty Blender is beyond amazing & I


-Cleaning this Sponge isn't as easy as you'd think. There's actually a Blender Cleanser available for cleaning this, but I don't think many would like to shell our $50 for cleansing a makeup sponge, which is quite expensive in itself. I know, I wasn't and I'll be talking about alternative ways to clean your Beauty Blender. Oh, and I like to keep my Beauty Blender squeaky clean at all times, so I clean it after every 2 uses. :)

Moving ahead, first things first, you should never use any hand soap or shampoo to clean your Beauty Blender. Any harsh soap can actually cause breakage in the sponge, and lead to a spoiled surface, which would obviously be of no further use whilst applying makeup. You have to use a mild soap, or a really good facial cleanser. Personally I've been using my Purifying Cleanser from Kaya Skin Clinic. ( I know, I'm paranoid, but I really didn't want to take any risks with my skin lest I'd cause it to breakout. So I bought 2 bottles in India & carried them with me to Toronto :P ) You can definitely use the Neutrogena Facial Cleansers as I've heard that even they're fantabulous for cleaning Beauty Blenders. Or else, if you've got a baby shampoo handy, that'd be good as well.

-Again,whilst cleaning your Beauty Blender ensure that you're not pressing too hard or accidentally digging your nails. :evil: Be gentle and keep squeezing till you've rinsed out all the suds out from the Beauty Blender.

Once you're done, it's meant to be kept on top of the container which comes with it. As it dries, it will shrink in size & go back to its original shape.

The Beauty Blender- How to Use/ How to Clean :D

That's all for today. I hope this was an informative post & also that they get this Beauty Blender in India, sooon. :roll:

Talk to you guys soon. Thanks a ton for reading!


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