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The Arab League: Den of Treason

Posted on the 20 April 2015 by Calvinthedog

From an Al-Manar, the news organ of Hezbollah in Lebanon (Hezbollah is one of my favorite guerrilla armies) about the Arab League getting together to form its own army to combat “extremism” in the region, most of it funded by Arab League members themselves:

Arab Army: Controlled By CIA-ISRAEL-NATO

Dyke Davis | USA

It was the Arab League who:

  • Kept quiet during 60 years of ethnic cleansing of Palestinian homes and culture.
  • Was silent on the Zionist wars on Lebanon.
  • Stayed silent during the occupation and destruction of Iraq.
  • That, along with Saudi money, sent organ-eaters to attack Syria.

This list of Arab League worthlessness will be dangerous to Arab and Muslim modernization and global integration if this false-flag army is allowed to become a brand.

Exactly. Almost all of the Sunni state in the Arab League are utterly worthless. They are all pawns of the US, and they often work hand in hand with their best friends in Israel. The only real resistance in the region is from the Shia. Name one productive thing the Sunnis are doing liberation-wise in the Arab World? Nothing. The truth of the matter is that the Arab Sunnis would rather suck up to the US and kill Shia than liberate Palestine. The liberation of Palestine is the number goal of the resistance in the Arab World. That the Sunnis have completely abandoned this goal in the name of massacring their fellow Muslims and setting off terrorist bombs of most depressing.

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